Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band - Victor 18321 (1917)

Keeping with the Ted Lewis theme...I do believe that this is Lewis' first recording. These were waxed less than 4 months after the Original Dixieland Jazz Band recorded what is regarded as the very first jazz record.

According to Victor ledgers, these recordings were originally listed as a Victor "trial" (audition). Ledgers also list the band name as "Earl Fuller's Famous Jass Band" and note, "featuring Ted Lewis, clarinet."

An excerpt from Victor's September 1917 supplement states, "A terrific wail from the trombone starts 'Slippery Hank' (F.H. Losey) on his glide, and the rest of the Jazz Band noises are in kind. And if you think these are all the noises available for a Jazz Band, turn the record over and listen to 'Yah-De-Dah' (Mel. B. Kaufman). The sounds as of a dog in his dying anguish are from Ted Lewis' clarinet. Notice the two little chords at the end of each number. This is how you know for certain that a Jazz Band is playing."

Earl Fuller p, dir / Walter Kahn c / Harry Raderman tb / Ted Lewis cl / John Lucas d.

Recorded in New York on June 4, 1917.

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