Jamaica Jazzers - Okeh 40117 (1924)

Here's the lone recording for the Clarence Williams outfit under the name, Jamaica Jazzers.

Clarence Williams, Clarence Todd k / Fats Waller p / Justin Ring percussion.

Recorded in New York on May 10, 1924.

New Orleans Rhythm Kings - Victor 19645 (1925)

Earlier this year, I found the Bluebird pressing thinking it was just a reissue. A quick glance in Rust's discography showed that they were in fact alternate takes.

Just scored the orginal batwing issue.

Now the New Orleans session from March 26, 1925 is complete.

Paul Mares c / Santo Pecora tb / Charlie Cordella cl / Glyn Lea 'Red' Long p / Bill Eastwood bj / Chink Martin bb / Leo Adde d.