La Veeda Dance Orchestra - Columbia 1549 (1925)

A recent addition for the crate labeled Recorded in New Orleans.

Tony Parenti cl, as, bar, dir / Leon Prima, Henry Knecht c / Charles Hartman tb / Tony Papalia ts / Vic Lubowski p / Mike Holloway bj / Mario Finazzo bb / George Triay d.

Recorded in New Orleans on January 22, 1925.

Monk Hazel & His Beinville (sic) Roof Orchestra - Brunswick 4181 (1928)

Wanted to pair the other New Orleans' recorded Monk Hazel Brunswick in the same post but just found that I have some digging to do as my filing system has proven faulty.

Sharkey Bonano t, dir / Sidney Arodin cl, tin whistle / Hal Jordy as, bar / Freddy Newman p / Joe Capraro g / Luther Lamar bb / Monk Hazel d, mel, v.

Recorded in New Orleans in December, 1928.

Blind Lemon Jefferson - Paramount 12739 / 12872 (1929)

Always listen to your wife...

Both records recorded in Chicago.

Recorded on September 24, 1929.

Recorded in January, 1929.

Jimmie Gunn & His Orchestra - Bluebird 6469 / 6500 / 6508 / 6578 (1936)

After executing my first ever trade a few years back, I was introduced to two, largely forgotten, North Carolina territory bands that recorded just months apart at the Southern Radio Corporation's second floor warehouse in Charlotte. The spacious warehouse gave a large empty ballroom echo that can be heard on these recordings.

I have finally completed the run of Jimmie Gunn and find myself just one shy of the Locke Brothers Rhythm Orchestra.

Here are the Gunns in recording order from that summer day in Carolina...

One discography has the personnel listed as:

Jimmie Gunn p, dir / 'Slats' tb / Skeets Tolbert as / Otis Hicks ts / g / Harry Prather b / d / David Pugh, Sam Jennings v.

while another has:

Jimmie Gunn dir / Dave Pugh t, v / Charles Daniels, Herman Franklin t / John Orange tb / Robert Griffin, James Berry as / Otis Hicks ts / William Shavers p / Alton Harrington  g / Sam Hinton bb / Harry Prather sh / Raymond Mason d / Sam Jennings v.

Recorded in Charlotte, on June 18, 1936.