Roy Evans - Columbia 14359 (1928)

Kind of an odd pairing...yodeling and jazz.

Roy Evans v / James P. Johnson p / Arthur Whetsel c (Syncopated Yodelin' Man only).

Recorded in New York on July 26 (Syncopated) & September 4, 1928.

Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra / Coon-Sanders Orchestra - Victor 22077 (1929)

Got this one because of all the controversy surrounding the B-side.

Is it Goldkette's Orchestra or McKinney's Cotton Pickers...I guess it's all in who you ask.

Rust has this as a McKinney's Cotton Pickers recording.

Here's a thoroughly researched article about it.

Recorded in Chicago on July 27, 1929.

Joe Sanders p, v & Carlton Coon d, dir / Bob Pope, Joe Richolson t / Rex Downing tb / Harold Thiell, John Thiell cl, as / Floyd Estep cl, ts / Russ Stout bj / Elmer Krebbs bb.

Recorded in Chicago on July 24, 1929. 

Bobbie & Boobie - Dice 480 (1958)

While out looking for 78s recently, got permission to rummage through all kinds of records stored in some out-buildings behind a record store. Brought this one out on a whim thinking maybe the kids would enjoy a different Christmas song...judging from the title on one side...for the school commutes.

After getting home, tried to research personnel and a recording date only to find very little. It does seem to be a fairly collectible R&B record from 1958 and Bobbie appears to be Bobby Nunn of The Robins and later, a founding member of The Coasters.

Please feel free to enlighten me even more if anyone has information on these sides.

Jimmy Johnson & His Orchestra - Columbia 14234 (1928)

Always fun to glean a nugget of information gold when it comes to a record.

In researching this 78, it was revealed that this is Mobile, Alabama's native son, seventeen year old Cootie Williams' debut recording.

Cootie Williams and another t / tb / ? Charlie Holmes cl, as, ss / cl, ts / James P. Johnson, Fats Waller p / Joe Watts sb / Perry Bradford speech (Chicago Blues).

Recorded in New York on June 18, 1928.

Clarence Williams & His Orchestra - Vocalion 2805 (1934)

Ed Allen c / Cecil Scott cl / Clarence Williams p?, v / ? Roy Smeck g / Richard Fulbright sb / Floyd Casey d. 

Recorded in New York on August 14, 1934.

Ed Allen c / ? Louis Jordan & another as / Cecil Scott cl, ts / bj / Richard Fulbright sb / Floyd Casey d / Chick Bullock v.

Recorded in New York on September 11, 1934.