The Missourians - Victor 38120 (1930)

Went looking for the Black Friday Record Store Day cream colored vinyl release of Little Richard's second album and found this at the same place...a nice bonus. (Plus my very first non-Bluebird Missourians)

Lockwood Lewis dir / R. Q. Dickerson, Lammar Wright t / De Priest Wheeler tb / unknown, George Scott cl, as / Walter Thomas cl, ts, bar / Earres Prince p / Morris White bj / Jimmy Smith bb / Leroy Maxey d.

Recorded in New York on February 17, 1930.

Ramblin' Thomas - Paramount 12616 (1928)

From wikipedia...

Ramblin' Thomas (1902–1945) was an American country blues singer, guitarist and songwriter. He was the brother of another blues musician, Jesse Thomas. Thomas is best remembered for his slide guitar playing, and recording several pieces in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Blues scholars seem undecided if Thomas's nickname of Ramblin' was in reference to his style of playing, or itinerant nature.

Willard Thomas was born in Logansport, Louisiana, one of nine children. His father played the fiddle, and three brothers Joe L., Jesse, and Willard learnt to play the guitar, with Willard particularly practising slide guitar techniques. Thomas relocated to Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas in the late 1920s, and was influenced by the playing of Lonnie Johnson. He performed in San Antonio, Oklahoma and possibly St. Louis, Missouri in his subsequent travels. Thomas recorded in both Dallas and Chicago between 1928 and 1932, for Paramount Records and Victor Records.

Thomas reportedly died of tuberculosis in 1945 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Recorded in Chicago in February, 1928.

Rodney Sturgis (Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five's Debut Recording Session) - Decca 7579 (1938)

Although closer than the debacle on the label of the initial release from this session, Jordan's name was again misspelled.

Just a few months later, Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five would no longer have that problem.

This, along with this side, would complete the output of Louis Jordan and his band under blues crooner Rodney Sturgis' name.

One more record would be released, sans Sturgis, from this session (Decca 7556).

Courtney Williams t / Louis Jordan as / Lem Johnson ts / Clarence Johnson p / Charlie Drayton sb / Walter Martin d / Rodney Sturgis v.

Recorded in New York on December 20, 1938.

Monk Hazel & His Bienville Roof Orchestra - Brunswick 4181 (1928)

For two years now, I've been outbid on several auctions for this Crescent City record...finally able to bring it home this week.

This completes my run of four sides recorded for Brunswick under Monk Hazel's name.

Here's the other one.

Sharkey Bonano t, dir / Sidney Arodin cl, tin whistle / Hal Jordy as, bar / Freddy Newman p / Joe Capraro g / Luther Lamar bb / Monk Hazel d, mel, v.

Recorded in New Orleans in December, 1928.