Wilbur Sweatman & His Jass Band - Pathé 20167 (1917)

Here we have one of the first recordings of W.C. Handy's Joe Turner Blues...quite possibly the first by a black band. (I believe the first was by Prince's Band a few months earlier in August of 1916).

Click here for Johnny Dodds' Black Bottom Stompers' version from 1927.

Wilbur Sweatman cl, dir / Vess Williams, Piccolo Jones as / ___ Minton ts / Charlie Thorpes bar / Frank WIthers bsx, as.

Recorded in New York in March, 1917.

McMurray's California Thumpers - Gennett 4943 (1922)

Phil Napoleon, Jules Levy, Jr. ? t / ? Miff Mole tb / Loren McMurray as / Frank Signorelli p / ? John Cali bj.

Recorded in New York on September 1 (Oogie) & 5 (Blue), 1922.