Katherine Handy Acc. By Handy's Memphis Blues Orchestra - Paramount 12011 (1922)

Save for one track she recorded in 1932 with Fletcher Henderson, Katherine Handy, W. C. Handy's daughter, made this lone 78 accompanied by her father's band. She recorded a test each for Victor (1923) and Edison (1924) but neither were issued.

Not sure what the celebration might have been, but here's a photograph I just received from the estate of a jazz collector showing Katherine Henderson standing over her father, W. C. Handy.

Early Every Morn: Katherine Handy v and possibly on piano.

Loveless Love: Katherine Handy v / Handy's Memphis Blues Orchestra: probably including Johnny Dunn c / George Williams tb / James Osborne cl, as / Bobby Lee p.

Recorded in New York, January 1922.