Sippie Wallace With King Oliver & Hersal Thomas - Okeh 8205 (1925)

Here we have Sippie Wallace (real name Beulah Thomas) accompanied by Joe King Oliver on cornet and her child prodigy little brother, Hersal Thomas, on piano.

Just read a bit about Hersal...born in Texas as part of a musical family (Sippie & George W. Thomas - siblings...Hociel Thomas - niece), recorded with Louis Armstrong & King Oliver, was acknowledged by Albert Ammons & Meade Lux Lewis as a major influence on the boogie woogie style of piano, composed many songs...all before the untimely death at 16 or 17 from food poisoning in Detroit.

Recorded in Chicago on February 24, 1925. (Rough starts but does settle down a bit)

Jelly Roll Morton - Jazz Man 12 (1938)

Just found a book that I need to get called Hot Jazz for Sale: Hollywood's Jazz Man Record Shop.

It tells the story of how Marili Morden founded The Jazz Man Record Shop in 1939 with her first husband, then married her second husband in 1943, the brother of the founder of Atlantic Records, and brought some early jazz greats out of retirement to record again.

Here we have a pair of Jelly Roll Morton piano solos recorded in Washington DC in December of 1938.

Rust lists these as being dubbed from privately reorded acetates.

Memphis Jug Band - Victor 20552 & 21066 (1927)

Although I had posted Beale Street Mess Around a while back here...I never got around to posting the flip side...until now.

I've just now found their very first recording/release to go along with it.

Will Shade h, g, v / Ben Ramey k / Will Weldon g, v / Charlie Polk jug.

Recorded in Memphis on February 24, 1927.

From their fourth & final recording session of 1927...

Will Shade h, g, v / Ben Ramey k, v / Vol Stevens bj, md, g, v / Will Weldon g, v / Charlie Polk jug.

Recorded in Atlanta on October 20, 1927.

Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band - Crescent 5/7 (1945)

Continuing with the Dixieland theme.

Mutt Carey t / Kid Ory tb / Omer Simeon cl / Buster Wilson p / Bud Scott g, v / Ed Garland b / Minor Hall d.

Recorded in August 1945.

Ben Pollack & His Pick-A-Rib Boys - Two Beat 8550 & 8551 (19??)

Couldn't find any discographical information on the Two-Beat label...also, not sure what years these were recorded.

For other Dixieland style revival here & here.

Matty Matlock cl / Dick Cathcart c / Elmer Schneider tb / Ray Sherman p / Walt Yoder b / Ben Pollack d.