Bessie Smith With Fletcher Henderson / Jimmy Jones - Columbia 13001 (1923)

Bessie Smith v / Jimmy Jones p.

Recorded in New York on September 26, 1923.

Bessie Smith v / Fletcher Henderson p. (There was an unissued take of this side recorded on the same day with Coleman Hawkins on ts)

Recorded in New York on October 16, 1923.

Henderson's Happy Six Orchestra - Cameo 9033 (1928)

Fletcher Henderson p, dir / Rex Stewart c / Charlie Green tb / Buster Bailey cl / Benny Carter as / Coleman Hawkins bsx / Charlie Dixon or Clarence Holiday bj.

Recorded in New York in November, 1928.

(W.C.) Handy's Orchestra of Memphis - Columbia A2419 (1917)

Have just found out about a documentary in the works about W.C. Handy. Check out the website and film trailer.

It got me to go digging for the only Handy record in my old, worn Columbia found in Myrtle Beach over 15 years ago.

Please pardon my feeble attempt to get some music out of it...and you'll have to take my word for the sides as the labels are just about illegible.

W.C. Handy t, dir / Sylvester Bevard tb / Wilson Townes, Alex Poole cl, as / Charles Harris, Nelson Kincaid cl, ts / Edward Alexander, William Tyler, Darnell Howard vn / Henry Graves vc / Charles Hillman p / Archie Walls, bb, sb / Jasber Taylor d, x.

Recorded in New York on September 21 & 22, 1917.

Livery Stable Blues

That "Jazz" Dance (That Jazz Dance Everybody Is Crazy 'Bout)

Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra - Edison 51276 (1923)

Just found the second of two sides Fletcher Henderson recorded on Edison.

Fletcher Henderson p, a, dir / Elmer Chambers, Howard Scott c / ? Teddy Nixon tb / Don Redman cl / Coleman Hawkins cl, ts / ? Billy Fowler bsx / Charlie Dixon bj / ? Kaiser Marshall d.

Recorded in New York on November 27, 1923.

Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends - Capitol 40028 (1947)

Is there a theme here?

Song composed by Red Burns...personnel includes Red Nichols, Red Norvo and Red Callender...all on a red Capitol.

Here's another side featuring the same lineup.

Julia Lee v, p / Red Norvo xyl / Benny Carter as / Vic Dickenson tb / Red Nichols c / Dave Cavanaugh ts / Jack Marshall g / Red Callender sb / Baby Lovett d.

Recorded in Los Angeles on June 18, 1947.

Eddie Durham & His Band - Decca 18126 (1940)

I do believe that these sides, although part of an album set, (Decca No. 214 Kansas City Jazz), are not reissues...this was their only 78 release.

Checking in Rust, Eddie Durham has 4 sides listed under his name and all were recorded during the same session. While two were released on a "regular" Decca (8529), the two here only have 18126 listed.

Joe Keyes t / Willard Brown, Henry Buster Smith as / Lem Johnson ts / Conrad Frederick p / Eddie Durham g, a / Averil Pollard sb / Arthur Herbert d.

Recorded in New York on November 11, 1940.

Warren Mills & His Blue Serenaders - (12") Victor 35962 (1928/1929)

Rust has the lineups on these sides as follows:

Matt Malneck vn, dir white orchestra (personnel unidentified) / Duke Ellington & His Cotton Club Orchestra: Bubber Miley, Arthur Whetsel t / Freddy Jenkins t, fh / Joe Nanton tb / Barney Bigard cl, ts / Johnny Hodges ss, as / Harry Carney cl, as, bar / Duke Ellington p, a / Fred Guy bj / Wellman Braud sb / Sonny Greer d / female v.

Recorded in New York on December 20, 1928.

Matt Malneck vn, dir: Manny Klein, Red Nichols and another t / Tommy Dorsey tb / Jimmy Dorsey, Arnold Brilhart as / ts / 4 vn / Arthur Schutt p / Eddie Lang g / 2 bb / d / 3 female and 6 male (4 of them apparently black) voices with unknown female soloist.

Recorded in New York on February 1, 1929.

The Dixie Stompers / Original Indiana Five - Harmony 179 (1926)

Fletcher Henderson p, dir / Russell Smith, Joe Smith t / Charlie Green tb / Buster Bailey cl, as / Don Redman cl, as, gfs / Coleman Hawkins cl, ts / Charlie Dixon bj / Kaiser Marshall d.

Recorded in new York on March 22, 1926.

Tom Morton d, dir / James Christie t / Pete Pellizzi tb / Nick Vitalo cl, as / Harry Ford p / Tony Colucci bj.

Recorded in New York on April 9, 1926.

Cootie Williams & His Orchestra - HIT 7084 (1944)

Here we have Alabama Gulf Coast native, Cootie Williams and his orchestra featuring two nicknamed Eddies who would go on to great fame.

Cootie Williams, Ermit V. Perry, George Treadwell, Harold 'Money' Johnson t / Ed Burke, George Stevenson, Robert Horton tb / Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson as, v / Charlie Holmes as / Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis ts / Lee Pope ts / Eddie de Verteuil bar / Bud Powell p / Norman Keenan b / Sylvester 'Vess' Payne d.

Recorded in New York on January 6, 1944.

Johnny Temple With The Harlem Hamfats - Decca 7532 (1938)

Summer has begun and the posting has been sparse. Finally got out of the house yesterday to go record hunting. Not a day of big finds but hit a thrift shop that had this one and a Big Bill on Vocalion. Both were in poor shape but grabbed them nonetheless...couldn't beat the price. (Also got a tip from a record store guy saying that a neighbor of his just inherited a bunch of lps and 78s from an octogenarian that played string bass in a jazz outfit and that he would let me know when/if they would be available to search through.)

Johnny Temple v, g / Herb Morand t / Odell Rand cl / Horace Malcolm p / Joe McCoy g / Charlie McCoy g, md / sb / Frank Flynn d.

Recorded in New York on April 22, 1938.