Bill Brown & His Brownies / Johnny Dodds' Black Bottom Stompers - Vocalion 1128 (1927)

Made my usual Saturday morning rounds looking for 78s today and came away some great records. Have a lotta cleaning to do to get the dirt outta the grooves but I feel up to the challenge.

Kinda late tonight but I'm going to start with this one.

Bill Brown tb, dir / Billy Kicks, Charlie Johnson t / Ralph James cl, as / another unknown as / Malvin Wyatt ts / Bill Caine p / Harry Stevens bj / George DeLeon bb / Oliver Tines d.

Recorded in New York on March 17, 1927.

Louis Armstrong c / Roy Palmer tb / Johnny Dodds cl / Barney Bigard ts / Earl Hines p / Bud Scott bj / Baby Dodds d.

Wingy Manone (With Kay Starr) - Rex Hollywood 23005 (1944)

Kay Starr (1922-2016)

Wingy Manone t, v / Joe Yukl tb / Matty Matlock cl / Stan Wrightsman p / Nappy Lamare g / Phil Stephens b / Nick Fatool d / Kay Starr v.

Recorded in Los Angeles on July 25, 1944.

Sharkey & His Kings Of Dixieland - Capitol 795 (1948)

Today is the day that Mobile kicks off their Mardi Gras celebration. Mobile was the first capitol of French Louisiana and celebrated the first Mardi Gras celebration (over here) in 1703.

New Orleans is now known as THE Mardi Gras town and no more specific place than Bourbon Street. So in is the Crescent City's very own Sharkey Bonano with Bourbon Street Bounce...and the flip side...well, anytime is THE time to honor pizza!

Could really go for a Pat O'Briens' Hurricane right about now.

Gene Austin With Les Paul - Universal U-100 (1948?)

Found this one yesterday in the garage. No doubt I had collected it more for Les Paul than Gene Austin...but to tell the truth...after playing it for the first time, I do like Austin's vocals. (Of course I still love Les Paul's guitar work.)

Not sure when this was recorded...did find a blurb in a 1948 Billboard magazine stating how Universal purchased 30 masters recorded by Austin & Paul...doesn't say who they purchased them from though.

Also, Keep A Knockin' is the first 78 side that I can recall that has the music fade out rather than the song just ending.


Mike Riley & His Round & Round Boys - Decca 1655 (1938)

Every once in a while, I like to go through the packed-away boxes and crates just to see if there are any gems I had passed over or to just search for something that might look interesting.

Found this Decca with a funny song title and gave it a shot. Turns be a catchy swing tune.

Turns out that Riley's biggest claim to fame was composing the 1935 hit The Music Goes Round And Round.

Mike Riley tb, v, dir / Harry Prebal, John Monteleone t / George Tookey, Llana Webster cl, as / Joe Butaski p / Sam de Bonis g / Pops Darrow sb / Bill Flanagan d.

Recorded in New York on January 18, 1938.

Frank Mater & His Collegians - Diva 2759 (1928)

Here we have Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees on Diva from October 10, 1928.

Rudy Vallee cl, as, v, dir / Don Moore t / Hal Matthews tb / Joe Miller ts / Manny Lowy, Jules de Vorzon vn / Cliff Burwell p / Charles Peterson bj / Harry Patent bb / Ray Toland d.

Ray Miller & His Orchestra - Brunswick 2724 (1924)

Recorded in New York on September 27, 1924.

Ray Miller dir / Charles Rocco, Roy Johnston t / Miff Mole, Andy Sindelar tb / Frank Trumbauer Cm / Larry Abbott, Andy Sanella cl, as / Don Yates vn / Rube Bloom, Tom Satterfield p / Frank Di Prima bj / Louis Cassagne bb / Ward Archer d.

Al Turk's Orchestra / Lloyd Turner & His Villa Venice Orchestra - Okeh 40648 (1926)

Not much information on either of these sides.

Al Turk c, dir and Earl Hayden v are the only identified personnel.

Recorded in Chicago on June 6, 1926.

Here we have what looks to be one of three releases by this orchestra. (An additional recording appears to be be unreleased)

Lloyd Turner on tb is the only identified personnel.

Recorded in Chicago on June 24, 1926.

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - Biltmore 1022 / 1045 / 1047 (1935-1937)

Here we have 6 sides from the bootleg Biltmore Record Company. According to Wikipedia, Biltmore Records lasted 2 years (1949-1951) until RCA Victor sued for reissuing songs from their catalog.

Here we have the 4 tracks by a group that was put together for Ray Noble. These were the first Miller recorded as a leader.

Smith Ballew v / Charlie Spivak, Bunny Berigan t / Jack Jenney, Glenn Miller tb / Johnny Mince cl, as / Eddie Miller ts / Harry bluestone, Vladimir Selinsky vn / Harry Waller vl / Bill Schumann vc / Claude Thornhill p / Larry Hall g / Delmar Kaplan sb / Ray Baudac d.

Recorded in New York on April 25, 1935.

The next two sides are from his band that didn't quite make it...the one before the one that did.

Glenn Miller tb, a, dir / Pee Wee Erwin, Bob Price, Ardell Garrett t / Jesse Ralph, Bud Smith tb / Irving Fazola cl, as / Hal McIntyre, Tony Viola as / Jerry Jerome ts / Carl Biesacker ts, a / J.C. McGregor p / Carmen Mastren g / Rowland Bundock sb / Doc Carney d / Kathleen Lane v.

Recorded in New York on December 13, 1937. 

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - Decca 1284 (1937) & Bonus Side

Coming across a Glenn Miller on Bluebird or Victor has always been a bright spot in my collecting. Yeah, I know that there are a ton out there but his band, his movies, his gets to me.

Now...even more special than finding a Bluebird is getting one from his earlier bands on Columbia, Decca or Brunswick.

(I've only found Deccas...and just 2 of 'em.)

Glenn Miller tb, a, dir / Charlie Spivak, Manny Klein t / Sterling Bose t, v / Jesse Ralph, Harry Rogers tb / George Siravo cl, as / Hal McIntyre cl, as / Jerry Jerome, Carl Biesacker cl, ts / Howard Smith p / Dick McDonough g / Ted Kotsoftis sb / George Simon d / Doris Kerr, The Tune Twisters (including Jack Lathrop) v.

Recorded in New York on March 22, 1937.

Bonus side:

What looks to be a Japanese pressing, here is a recording made 3 months after the ones above with the same personnel. (The flip side is a Claude Thornhill recording of Harbor Lights)

The Caroliners / Sam Lanin & His Orchestra - Cameo 8348 (1928)

Up next is a Cameo featuring one of a handful of bands pseudonymed as"The Caroliners" that Rust has listed as unidentified (Maybe Hal Kemp?). Their side was recorded in New York in September of 1928.

The flip side, if I am reading the discography correctly, has Sam Lanin's lineup as: Leo McConville (and another) t / Tommy Dorsey tb / Jimmy Dorsey (and another) cl, as / cl-ts / Rube Bloom p / bj / Hank Stern bb / d / Scrappy Lambert v.

Recorded in New York on October 8, 1928.

Broadway Bell-Hops - Diva 2479 (1927)

Recently stopped at a huge multi-vendored antique store that was going out of business and immediately spied an Edison upright in a corner of one of the cubicles. Not too terribly interested in the player, I opened the cabinets looking for some Diamond Discs but instead found a nice handful of almost unplayed looking Diva and Cameo dance sides.

This is my first post from that batch.

Does anyone happen to know the personnel lineup from this session?

Recorded in New York on August 25, 1927.