Slim Gaillard Trio With Wini Beatty - Bel-Tone 755 (1946)

According to several different sources, Slim Gaillard was either born in Detroit, Pensacola, Alabama or Cuba.

Like Cab Calloway, Gaillard published a dictionary of his own vernacular.

Here is his Trio paired up with pianist Wini Beatty. A YouTube search for Beatty popped up a couple of anti-communist 60s era folk songs that she had recorded for the Key label.

Wini Beatty p / Slim Gaillard g, vib, v / Bam Brown sb / Zutty Singleton d.

Recorded in Los Angeles in January, 1946.

Buddy DeFranco & His Orchestra - MGM 11043 (1951)

Several years ago, my wife and I went to see The Glenn Miller Orchestra conducted by Larry O'Brien. We were just about the youngest ones in attendance.

Just as everyone was almost seated, a well dressed elderly gentleman with a very elegant woman walked down the outside aisle and caught the eye of the orchestra leader which resulted in acknowledging smiles between the two.

My curiosity was laid to rest when, in between songs during the first set, Mr. O'Brien introduced Mr. Buddy DeFranco to the audience. During intermission, we approached both men and they graciously gave us their autographs.

Buddy DeFranco had lead the Glenn Miller Orchestra for 8 years in the '60s and 70's. He is the link for clarinetists bridging the Big Band Era and Bop.

Ed Bagley, Bernie Glow, Mike Shane, Charlie Walp t / Al Robertson, Chauncey Walsh, Fred Zito tb / Buddy DeFranco cl / Leo Sinisgalli, Gene Quill as / Buddy Arnold, Ben Lary ts / Vince Ferraro bar / Teddy Corabi p / Buddy Jones sb / Billy Rule d.

Recorded in New York on July 22, 1951.

Billy Wynne's Greenwich Village Inn Orchestra - Edison 51519 (1925)

Too bad this isn't from the group's following sessions as Red Nichols took part on those.

Billy Wynne d, dir / Sam Goldbetter, Ted Bartell t / Mike Durso tb / Bill Richards, Joe Nassberg as / Jules Nassberg ts / Irving Leonard vn / Frank Farrell p / Louis Condell bj / Ken Snell bb.

Recorded in New York on March 10, 1925.

Louis Prima & His New Orleans Gang - Brunswick 7479 (1935)

Here we have New Orleans born, full blooded Sicilian, Louis Prima & His New Orleans Gang.

From Wikipedia…

In September 1934, Prima began recording for the Brunswick label. He recorded "That’s Where the South Begins", "Long About Midnight", "Jamaica Shout", and "Star Dust". Prima and his New Orleans Gang was a band that consisted of five musicians. Frank Pinero was the pianist, Jack Ryan played bass, Garrett McAdams played guitar, while Pee Wee Russell played clarinet. The band had their first performance at a club called the “Famous Door” owned and operated by Jack Colt. Prima’s stage presence and combination of scat and swing style allowed jazz to reach a new level. His recordings from 1935 were a combination of Dixieland and swing.

Recorded in New York on June 27, 1935.

The Four Aces - Bluebird 7765 (1938)

I do believe that this group was Cajun pioneer, Leo Soileau's backup band.

Personnel might be: Floyd Shreve, Dewey Landry g / Tony Gonzales d / Boyce Jones v. (Piano is listed in the instrumentation...couldn't find a name for the player)

Recorded in New Orleans on April 2, 1938.

Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra / Imperial Marimba Band - Edison 50912 (1922)

Rust's discography lists named personnel as:

Harry Raderman tb, dir / Benny Krueger or Nathan Glantz as / ?Harry Barth sb.

Recorded on January 4, 1922.

The Imperial Marimba Band appears to be a Green Brothers outfit.

Recorded in New York on January 25, 1922.

Mildred Bailey & Her Alley Cats - Decca 18108 (1935)

Great personnel there in that Alley Cat outfit!

Mildred Bailey v / Bunny Berigan t / Johnny Hodges as / Teddy Wilson p / Grachan Moncur (II) sb.

Recorded in New York on December 6, 1935.

Lonnie Johnson - RCA Victor 20-3296 (1941) (Originally on Bluebird)

From Wikipedia…
In 1917, Johnson joined a revue that toured England, returning home in 1919 to find that all of his family, except his brother James, had died in the 1918 influenza epidemic.

Couldn’t imagine.

Lonnie Johnson g, v / Lil Armstrong p / Andrew Harris sb.

Recorded in Chicago on February 7, 1941.

Roy Eldridge & His Orchestra - Blue Ace 222 (1936) (Originally Vocalion 3479)

Here we have Roy Eldridge's first recordings released under his own name. There was a rejected take of Christopher Columbus on Decca recorded a year before in 1936.

Blue Ace was a record label that issued bootlegs from the swing era. (Mostly Vocalions?)

Roy Eldridge t / George Scoops Carry, Joe Eldridge as, a / Dave Young ts / Teddy Cole p / John Collins g / Charles Truck Parham sb / Zutty Singleton d.

Recorded in Chicago on January 23, 1937.