I've read about, and have always wanted to be part of a group that gets together occasionally to listen to 78's. I've come to the conclusion that I am geographically challenged when it comes to this...seems that most collectors are near large cities like New York or LA...or across the pond altogether.

I think I have found a way to start bridging the divide...Facebook.

Welcome to HeyPally's Listening Room...my mahogany walled, high ceilinged, hard wood floored library surrounded by impeccably sorted and indexed shelves of 78's, where you can find me sitting in my high backed leather chair while the aroma of pipe smoke intertwines with the music eminating from an old shellac disc spinning away in the corner. (ok...I'll wake up now)

Please join and feel free to comment, educate me on the personnel & music, post your collection and have a good time.