Slim & His Hot Boys - Victor 38044 (1929)

Slim Lamar cl, as, v, dir / Tony Almerico c / Irwin Kunz c / Sonny Clapp tb / Jim Rush cl, as / Bedford Brown cl, ts / Adrian Larroque p / Jack Cohen bj, g / Benny Pottle sb / Bobby Turley d.

Recorded in Camden, NJ on February 11 & 19, 1929.

The Four Jacks - Federal 12075 (1952)

This outfit consisted of smooth sounding bass man, Ellison White, Bowling Mansfield (1st tenor), Buell Thomas (2nd tenor) and George Comfort (baritone).

Can just imagine Goodbye Baby emanating from a Rock-Ola at the Boardwalk on a breezy summer night in Carolina Beach with a shagger named Chicken camel-walking till the wee hours of the morning.

Carolina Cotton Pickers Orchestra - Vocalion 03539 (1937)

Also released on Perfect 7-06-66.

John Williams, Thad Seabrooks, Joseph Williams t / Leroy Hardison or Ben Martin, Julius Watson tb / Eugene Earl tb, bb / Booker Starks, Albert 'Pepper' Martin as / Lew Williams, Walter Bash ts / Cliff Smalls p / W.J. Edwards g / Lee Thurman sb / Otis Walker d.

Recorded in Birmingham, AL on March 24, 1937.