Rock Heart Johnson - RCA Victor 20-4967 (1952)

Looks to be one of two records Johnson recorded. Not much of anything out there on him...if you have any info, please lemme know.

Three Monkey Chasers - Harmony 23 (1925)

Here's the latest addition to the growing Bob Fuller collection.

Bob Fuller cl / Isadore Meyers p / Elmer Snowden bj.

Recorded in New York on August 20, 1925.


Willie Egans & Orchestra - Mambo 111 (1956)

Reading Egan's biography, the main thing I came away with was that he grew up so far back in the Louisiana swamps that his father and brother had lost a hand and a foot respectively due to gators.

Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra - Columbia 1543 (1928)

Fletcher Henderson p, a, dir / Russell Smith, Joe Smith, Bobby Stark t / Jimmy Harrison, Benny Morton tb / Buster Bailey cl / Jerome Pasquall cl, as / Coleman Hawkins cl, ts / Charlie Dixon bj / June Cole bb / Kaiser Marshall d / Bill Challis a ("D" Natural Blues).

Recorded in New York on March 14, 1928.