Jeff Healey's 'My Kinda Jazz' Radio Show

As a big fan of Jeff Healey back in the late '80s, when 'Angel Eyes' hit the radio along with the 'Roadhouse' soundtrack, I became even more of an admirer when I discovered that he was an exceptional collector of 78 rpm records.

Unfortunately it was only after his untimely passing that I discovered that he had had a radio show showcasing his massive collection of 30,000 plus 78's.

The Big Broadcast Radio Show

Sunday nights at 8pm eastern, one can tune in online to Rich Conaty's The Big Broadcast beamed out of WFUV Fordham University to catch a 3 hour show featuring '20s & '30s hot jazz and dance band 78's.

Click here to find an app for your smartphone so you can listen wherever you may be.

Give it a try!