Joe Mannone's Harmony Kings - Columbia 1044 (1927)

Somewhere there's an interview with Norman Brownlee and in it, he mentions how his group was on their way to a gig in Kenner but due to Emmett Hardy's failing health, they were without a horn player.

Driving the truck along Canal St. they saw a young Wingy Manone walking with his horn and snatched him into the vehicle. He told them that he couldn't play that night because he had to practice up on his music reading. Before long they were in Kenner and he played the date. (Johnny Bayersdorffer's Jazzola Novelty band took the stage after Brownlee's set was finished!)

Joe Wingy Mannone c, v / Hal Jordy cl, as / Bob Sacks ts / Johnnie Miller p / Steve Brou g / Arnold Loyacano sb / John Ryan d / Earl Warner v.

Recorded in New Orleans om April 11, 1927.

Te Roy Williams & His Orchestra - Harmony 439 (1927)

Elmer Snowden, bj, dir / Ed Allen, c / Te Roy Williams, tb / Prince Robinson, cl / cl, as / Joe Garland, cl, ts / Freddy Johnson and another, p / Bob Ysaguirre, bb / Walter Johnson, d.

Recorded in New York on May 25, 1927.

Chickasaw Syncopators - Columbia 14301 (1927)

Here's a group of students from Manassas High School in Tennessee who shared the same PE teacher...Jimmie Lunceford.

Charlie Douglas, Henry Clay, t / H. B. Hall, tb / Christopher Johnson, __ Williams, as / George Clarke, ts / Bobby Brown, p / Alfred Cahns, bj / Moses Allen, bb, preaching / Jimmy Crawford, d.

Recorded in Memphis on December 13, 1927.