Jimmie Rodgers - Victor 23816 (1933)

Was alerted today (May 24, 2017) on Facebook that Mississippi Delta Blues was from Jimmie Rodgers' last recording session, 84 years earlier to the day.

At 35 years of age, he would pass away two days later from tuberculosis.

Jimmie Rodgers g, v / (Mississippi Delta Blues) John Cali g / Tony Colicchio g.

Recorded in New York on May 20 & 24, 1933.

Kerrville Mountain Sun, Texas - June 6, 1933

Elder Richard Bryant's Santified Singers - Okeh 8559 (1928)

Traded away a copy I had found in Georgia several years ago but it had an issue. (First trade I ever entered into)

Although this one has an issue as well...it's worn slap out...very happy to have a copy back on the shelf.

Haven't been able to nail it down but members of the Memphis Jug Band may have accompanied on these sides.

Recorded in Memphis on February 28, 1928.

Jimmy Bracken's Toe Ticklers - Domino 4274 (1929)

Jimmy McPartland t / Glenn Miller tb / Benny Goodman cl, as / Larry Binyon ts / Vic Breidis p / Dick Morgan bj, v (as ICKY MORGAN) / Harry Goodman bb / Ray Bauduc d.

Recorded in New York on January 18, 1929.

Jimmy McPartland c / ? Al Harris t / Jack Teagarden tb, v / Benny Goodman cl / Larry Binyon ts / Vic Breidis p / Dick Morgan bj / Harry Goodman bb / Ray Bauduc d.

Recorded in New York on February 11, 1929.

Jeter-Pillars Club Plantation Orchestra - Vocalion 3715 / Okeh 3973 (1937)

Here is the complete run of the Jeter-Pillars outfit.

This group was made up of several sidemen from Alphonse Trent's earlier hot territory band.

On another note, This seems to complete the recordings of John Orange who had recorded with Jimmie Gunn's orchestra a year earlier.

James Jeter, Charles Pillars as, dir / Ralph Porter, Walter Stanley, George Hudson t / Ike Covington, John "Bones" Orange tb / Hayes Pillars ts, v / Chester Lang p / Floyd Smith g / Vernon King sb / Henry Ross d / Ted Smith v.

Recorded in Chicago on August 25, 1937.

Lonnie Johnson - Groove 5003 / Dr. Clayton - Groove 5006 (1942 / 1946)

Looks like RCA's 1950's Groove 5000 series only lasted eight issues.

Here's two of 'em.

Lonnie Johnson g, v / Blind John Davis p / Andrew Harris sb.

Recorded in Chicago on February 13, 1942.

Peter Clayton v / Blind John Davis p / Alfred Elkins imitation sb / Ransom Knowling sb.

Recorded in Chicago on March 27, 1942.

Peter Clayton v / Blind John Davis p / Willie Lacey g / Ransom Knowling sb.

Recorded in Chicago on August 7, 1946

Washboard Serenaders - Victor 38610 (1930)

Henry Red Allen t / Clarence Profit p / Teddy Bunn g / Bruce Johnson wb.

Recorded in New York on March 31, 1930.

Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra - Perfect 14337 (1924)

I do believe that this recording was from the second session Louis Armstrong made after joining Fletcher Henderson's band just a few days before. (The flip side is a Sam Lanin track)

Fletcher Henderson p, a, dir / Elmer Chambers, Howard Scott, Louis Armstrong t / Charlie Green tb / Buster Bailey cl, as / Don Redman cl, as, a / Coleman Hawkins cl, ts / Charlie Dixon bj / Ralph Escudero bb / Kaiser Marshall d.

Recorded in New York on October 13, 1924.

Chicago Hot Five - Victor 23326 (1932)

One of several pseudonyms used by the Washboard Rhythm Kings.

Dave Riddick t / Jimmy Shine as, v / Carl Wade ts / Eddie Miles p, v / Steve Washington bj / Jimmy Spencer wb, v.

Recorded in Camden, NJ on March 1, 1932.

John Tobin's Midnight Serenaders / Scranton Sirens Orchestra - Okeh 40297 (1925)

Just one lone side by John Tobin's Midnight Serenaders.

John Tobin bj, dir / Harry Doring c / Jac Assunto tb / Norveile Makofsky ss, as / Elbridge Westerfield ss, ts, bar / Adrian J. Larroque p / Benny Pottle bb.

Recorded in New Orleans on January 22, 1925.

Here's a Pennsylvania group that had several notables pass through its ranks prior to this sole New Orleans recording (resulting in just two songs) including Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, Fred Fuzzy Farrar, and Eddie Lang.

Billy Lustig vn, dir: 2 t / Russ Morgan tb / Alfie Evans, Sid Trucker cl, as / Jim Crossan ts / Itzy Riskin p / bj / Mike Trafficante bb / Ted Noyes d. 

Recorded in New Orleans on January 24, 1925.

Blind Willie Johnson - Columbia 14490 (1929)

Blind Willie Johnson g, v.

Recorded in New Orleans on December 10, 1929.

Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds Of Joy - Brunswick 4863 (1930)

Andy Kirk bsx, bb, dir / Edgar Battle, Harry Lawson t / Allen Durham tb / John Harrington cl, as / John Williams as, bar / Lawrence 'Slim' Freeman ts / Claude Williams vn / Mary Lou Williams p, a / William Dirvin bj, g / Edward McNeil d.

Recorded in Chicago on May 1, 1930.

Marlow Hardy & His Alabamians - Columbia 2034 (1925)

Is this Cab Calloway's recording debut, as some have said? And by some, I mean Cab himself.

In an interview, he says that he sat in on second alto in the reed section.

Note below that Rust's discography has two reeds unnamed.

Marlow (Marion) Hardy cl, as, dir / Eddie Mallory, Elisha Herbert t / Henry Clark tb / Artie Starks cl, as / cl, ts / Ralph Anderson p / Leslie Corley bj / Charlie Turner bb / Jimmy McHendricks d / The Alabama Magpie Trio v.

Recorded in New York on October 29, 1929.

Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds Of Joy - Brunswick 4893 (1929)

Andy Kirk bsx, bb, dir / Gene Prince, Harry Lawson t / Allen Durham tb / John Harrington cl, as / John Williams as, bar / Lawrence Freeman ts / Claude Williams vn / Mary Lou Williams p, a / William Dirvin bj, g / Edward McNeil d / Billy Massey v; or 2 cl from Harrington, Williams, or Freeman.

Recorded in Kansas City on November 11, 1929.

Blind Willie (McTell) & Partner - Vocalion 02622 (1933)

From wikipedia...

Blind Willie McTell (born William Samuel McTier; May 5, 1898 – August 19, 1959) was a Piedmont blues and ragtime singer and guitarist. He played with a fluid, syncopated fingerstyle guitar technique, common among many exponents of Piedmont blues. Unlike his contemporaries, he came to use twelve-string guitars exclusively. McTell was also an adept slide guitarist, unusual among ragtime bluesmen. His vocal style, a smooth and often laid-back tenor, differed greatly from many of the harsher voices of Delta bluesmen such as Charley Patton. McTell performed in various musical styles, including blues, ragtime, religious music and hokum.

McTell was born in Thomson, Georgia. He learned to play the guitar in his early teens. He soon became a street performer in several Georgia cities, including Atlanta and Augusta, and first recorded in 1927 for Victor Records. He never produced a major hit record, but he had a prolific recording career with different labels and under different names in the 1920s and 1930s.

In 1940, he was recorded by the folklorist John A. Lomax and Ruby Terrill Lomax for the folk song archive of the Library of Congress. He was active in the 1940s and 1950s, playing on the streets of Atlanta, often with his longtime associate Curley Weaver. Twice more he recorded professionally. His last recordings originated during an impromptu session recorded by an Atlanta record store owner in 1956. McTell died three years later, having suffered for years from diabetes and alcoholism.

Despite his lack of commercial success, he was one of the few blues musicians of his generation who continued to actively play and record during the 1940s and 1950s. He did not live to see the American folk music revival, in which many other bluesmen were "rediscovered."

Blind Willie McTell g, v / Curley Weaver? g, v.

Recorded in New York on September 14 & 21, 1933.

Armando Vega Y Su Trio Casino Tropical - Alberto 187

Armando Vega was a guitarist and singer from Arecibo, Puerto Rico. He fronted his Trio Tropical Casino which consisted of Junior González and Pablo Delgado.

He went to New York where he joined several trios including Trío Los Tres Caballeros and Trío Borinquen eventually playing Carnegie Hall in 1962.

Returning to Puerto Rico, he reorganized a trio and performed on radio programs during the 1980s.

Chuck Berry 1926 - 2017

Just heard the news that we've lost an icon today, March 18, 2017.

Here we have what many consider the last major labelled 78 rpm disc produced.

Don José Havana Orchestra (Cuarteto Machín) / Bennie Moten & His Kansas City Orchestra - Victor 23037 (1929)

What an odd pairing AND it took me a while to figure out who Don José's Havana Orchestra was...and what a nice surprise at that.

Cuarteto Machín: Daniel Sánchez g, v / Yayito Maldonado g / Antonio Machín dir, v / Remberto Lara t.

Recorded in New York on October 6, 1930.

As luck would have it, just came across the following record originally from South America. It has the real name of the group on the label.

Bennie Moten dir / Ed Lewis, Booker Washington c / Thamon Hayes tb / Harlan Leonard cl, ss, as / Jack Washington el, as, bar / Woody Walder cl, ts / Count Basie p / Ira "Buster" Moten pac, 2nd p / Leroy Berry bj / Vernon Page bb / Willie McWashington d / Eddie Durham tb, g.

Recorded in Chicago on October 23, 1929.

Hermanos Deniz Cuban Rhythm Band - Columbia MC 3456

Haven't been able to ascertain the recording date for these sides but was very surprised to hear the style heard here.

Not being Cuban in the least, the brothers were actually born in Cardiff, Wales. There father was from Cape Verde off the northwest coast of Africa.

The brother act played alongside Glenn Miller's AEF band in 1944 and in 1960, provided music for the film, Our Man In Havana.

Here is a wonderfully thorough website dedicated to the Deniz brothers.

Re: Our Man In Havana
The Philadelphia Inquirer
March 3, 1960

Johnson's Cracker Jacks - Bluebird 6278 (1932)

Eddie Johnson p, dir / Harold Baker, James Talphy t / Winfield Baker tb / Fred Martin, Walter Martin as / Chick Franklin ts / Benny Jackson bj, g, v / Singleton Palmer sb / Lester Nichols d.

Recorded in Atlanta on February 25, 1932.

The Pittsburgh Courier
December 31, 1931

Alton Evening Telegraph (Illinois)
September 14, 1932

The Courier Journal (Kentucky)
October 22, 1932