On Vacation

Heading out on vacation and you better believe I will be checking out the flea markets and antique stores along the way.

Hope to be able to post some good ones when I get back.

Ethel Waters & Her Jazz Masters - Paramount 12178 (Originally Black Swan 14145) (1923)

Have had this record for about a year now and never noticed the emblem or wording above the Paramount. (Probably because of the poor conditioned label on one side) But after snapping a pic and seeing it on the computer screen, I now see the Black Swan logo and "Formerly Number 14145."

Side A: Ethel Waters v / ? Elmer Chambers c / George Brashear tb / Edgar Campbell cl / Fletcher Henderson p / John Mitchell bj.

Side B: Ethel Waters v / Fletcher Henderson p.

Recorded in Long Island City, NY in March 1923.

Uncle Dave Macon Acc. By Sam McGee - Vocalion 5100 (1926)

Unfortunately I sold off my better Old Time collection before I ever thought about archiving the audio. I still run across a few here and there but haven't come close to the stash I found just 2 years ago. (The dvd Desperate Man Blues introduced me to the 78s of this genre)

Here's one of the few that I hung on to.

Recorded in April 1926.

Kansas City Six - Commodore 573 (1944)

Bill Coleman t / Dickie Wells tb / Lester Young ts / Joe Bushkin p / John Simmons b / Jo Jones d.

Recorded in New York on March 28, 1944.

The Moonglows - Chess 1661 (1957)

Found this one in an old outbuilding a few weeks ago.

Alan Freed changed the name of this group, to The Moonglows, and started actively promoting them. They eventually signed with Chess and started charting their singles.

In 1958, Harvey Fuqua, the defacto leader of the group, discovered a young vocal group, The Marquees, with a recording already under their belt. A nineteen year old Marvin Gaye was in the group. After the original members split due to feuding, this new group & Fuqua became The New Moonglows in 1958.

Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra / George Olsen & His Music - Victor 20327 (1926)

Just read where Roger Wolfe Kahn learned to play 18 instruments by the time he lead his first orchestra...at age 16. He apparently lost interest in music and in 1941, became a test pilot for Grumman.

Tommy Gott, Leo McConville t / Miff Mole tb / Owen Bartlett, Arnold Brilhart cl, as / Harold Sturr cl, ts / Joe Venuti, Joe Raymond vn / Irving Brodsky p / Tony Colucci bj, g / Arthur Campbell bb / Vic Berton d.

Recorded in New York on November 4, 1926.

George Olsen and His Music appear on the flip side. Although not on this recording, Fred MacMurray (movie and tv star) played saxophone in Olsen's group in 1930. I recently saw an episode of The Jack benny Show where many stars showed up for a jam session in Benny's living room...among them, MacMurray and his sax.

George Olsen d, dir / Floyd Rice t / Bob Borger t, v / Jack Fulton tb / Fran Frey, Edward Joyce cl, as, v / Milton Neul cl, ts / vn / Larry Murphy p, v / Bob Rice bj, g, v / Jack Hanses bb / Eddie Kilfeather a.

Recorded in New York on November 12, 1926.

Lovie Austin & Her Blues Serenaders (Tommy Ladnier & Jimmy O'Bryant) - Paramount 12255 (1924)

This appears to be the first 2 sides by Lovie Austin & Her Blues Serenaders not accompanying a vocalist.

Here's a link to a record of this trio backing Ma Rainey.

Tommy Ladnier c / Jimmy O'Bryant cl / Lovie Austin p.

Recorded in Chicago in November, 1924.

The Okeh Melodians - Okeh 40898 (1927)

Here we have Sam Lanin's group.

? Tommy Gott, ? Hymie Farberman t / Sam Lewis tb / Larry Abbott, Andy Sannella cl, as / ? Norman Yorke ts / ? Bill Wirges p / Harry Reser bj / ? Joe Tarto bb / ?Tom Stacks or Joe Green d / Vaughn De Leath v.

Recorded in New York on September 17, 1927.