Harlem Trio / Mamie Smith's Jazz Hounds - Okeh 8072 (1922-23)

Continuing with another Bubber Miley track...I think.

Johnny Dunn, Bubber Miley ? c / Herb Flemming ? tb / Garvin Bushell ? cl, as / Herschel Brassfield ? as / Coleman Hawkins ts / Everett Robbins ? p / Sam Speed bj / d.

Recorded in New York on August 15, 1922.

George McClennon cl / Eddie Heywood p / bj.

Recorded in New York in April 1923.

Sonny Greer With Oran Lips Page & His All Stars - Circle 3004 (1951)

It looks as if these are two sides (out of 10) that were recorded in New York on February 10, 1951 for what looks to have been an album called Jamming At Rudi's. (Rudi Blesh)

I did a quick search of my Chronological cd series on Hot Lips Page...I am painfully missing one to complete the set but that's another story...but these (nor the other recordings from that session) were listed. They were also not included on Page's Neatwork cd which includes omissions and alternate takes that Chronological may have missed or did not release...not sure why.

Hot Lips Page tp, v / Tyree Glenn tb / Bernie Peacock cl, as / Paul Quinichette ts / Ken Kersey, Dan Burley p / Walter Page sb / Danny Barker g / Sonny Greer d.


Lil Armstrong (With Chu Berry) / Andy Kirk - Decca 3883 (1936)

Lil Armstrong & Her Swing Orchestra - Joe Thomas t / Buster Bailey cl / Chu Berry ts / Teddy Cole p / Huey Long g / John Frazier sb / Lil Armstrong v. Recorded in Chicago on October 27, 1936.

Andy Kirk & His Clouds Of Joy - Andy Kirk bsx, dir / Harry Lawson, Paul King t / Earl Thomson t / Ted Donnelly, Henry Wells tb / John Harrington cl, as, bar / John Williams as, bar / Dick Wilson ts / Mary Lou Williams p / Ted Robinson g / Booker Collins sb / Ben Thigpen d. Recorded in New York on March 2, 1936.

Sonny Greer & His Memphis Men - Columbia (UK) 5033 (1929)

Would really liked to have had the original Columbia 1868 but this one works...for now.

Arthur Whetsel, Freddy Jenkins t / Joe Nanton tb / Barney Bigard cl / Johnny Hodges as (Saturday Night Function) / Harry Carney cl, bar (Beggars Blues) / Duke Ellington p / Fred Guy bj / Wellman Braud sb / Sonny Greer d.

Recorded in New York on May 28, 1929.

The Savannah Six - Harmony 56 (1925)

Using the pseudonym The Savannah Six, the Original Memphis Five waxed three sides on the Harmony label in New York on October 26, 1925.

Here are two of the three cuts. (Knowing this now, I've got to be on the lookout for the side I'm missing...Jacksonville Gal on Harmony 58) EDIT: Just got a copy three years later.

Phil Napoleon t / Miff Mole tb / Jimmy Lytell cl / Frank Signorelli p / ? John Cali bj / Jack Roth d.

Arnett Cobb & His Orchestra - Apollo 778 (1947)

Just came across a batch of wax that had been boxed up for quite a while. While not being too keen into post-war / bop jazz, I still collect it for when my taste might come around.

Here we have a 1947 Apollo release by Arnett Cobb, one of a handful of Texas Tenors.

Searching the net for other tenor saxophonists from the Lone Star State, I also found Herschel 'Tex' Evans, Illinois Jacquet (from Louisiana but raised in Texas), Buddy Tate, David 'Fathead' Newman AND last but NOT least, Gordon 'Tex' Beneke!

David Page t / Al King tb / Arnett Cobb ts / George Rhodes p / Walter Buchanan sb / George Jones d.

Recorded in New York in August 1947.

East German Soviet Swing - Amiga (1947) Part 2

Here is another Amiga release from 1947. (The other two I have have been posted here)

I picked these German 78s and several French Swing labels...which I haven't come across since I packed them up a few years back...at a French antique store run by a lady that would bring back items everytime she visited her mother in France.