Brownie McGhee - Okeh 6698 (1941) / Alert 401 (1946)

Here we have Sticks' older brother, Walter Brown "Brownie" McGhee.

He was influenced greatly by Blind Boy Fuller and when Fuller passed away in 1941, was encouraged to take on the name Blind Boy Fuller #2. He also teamed up with Blind Boy's harmonica player, Sonny Terry.

McGhee g, v / ?Jordan Webb harmonica / wb.

Recorded in 1941.

McGhee g, v / Sonny Terry harmonica / Pops Foster sb.

Recorded in 1946.

Sticks McGhee & His Buddies - Atlantic 926 (1950)

Interesting that Granville McGhee got the name "Sticks" from pushing his older brother, Walter who was stricken by polio, in a wagon using a big stick. Also, just found out that Walter went by the nickname "Brownie." (I'll dig and see if I have any sides to post by him now)

(Only other identified personnel I could find was Van "Piano Man" Walls on Housewarmin' Boogie)

Recorded in New York on May 10 / November 2, 1950.

Chicago All Stars - Columbia 37928 (1947)

Maybe I shouldn't thumb through those red Columbia's so quickly.

Johnny Morton t, v / Oett "Sax" Mallard as, cl / Eddie "Sugarman" Penigar ts, v / Bill "Doc" Owens p / Elmer Ewing eg / Roscoe "Bali" Beach sb / Armand "Jump" Jackson d.

Recorded in Chicago on June 27, 1947.