Paul Robeson & Piano Accomp. Lawrence Brown - Victor 19742 (1925)

For Good Friday.

Recorded on July, 27 1925 in Camden, NJ.

Found this record in its original sleeve, with every bit of shine intact as the day it was pressed, completely unblemished...and it still sounds excessively noisy. Would a different sized stylus be the key?

Cab Calloway & His Orchestra - Brunswick 6141 (1931)

Thought I would revisit an earlier post and add some audio.

Cab Calloway v, dir / R.Q. Dickerson, Lammar Wright, Reuben Reeves t / De Priest Wheeler, Harry White tb / Arville Harris cl, as / Andrew Brown bcl, ts / Walter Thomas as, ts, bar, f / Earres Prince p / Morris White bj / Jimmy Smith bb, sb / Leroy Maxey d.

Recorded in New York on June 11, 1931.

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band - Gennett 5135 (1923)

About 4 years ago, Mom gave me a Christmas gift.

She told me to open it carefully.

Here's what I unwrapped.

Chimes Blues was from Louis Armstrong's debut recording session, and while it was the 5th and last number made that day, it was his first side with a solo. (Froggie Moore was recorded the next day)

King Oliver, Louis Armstrong c / Honore Dutrey tb / Johnny Dodds cl / Lil Hardin p / Bill Johnson bj / Baby Dodds d.

Recorded in Richmond, IN on April 5th & 6th, 1923.