Ellington Small Groups On Vocalion

Had a recent comment requesting Ellington's small groups.

Here ya go Sam.

Wille Jackson (With Steve Lewis) - Columbia 14136 (1926)

Here we have New Orleans Willie Jackson's first release. He also recorded under the name Sonny Porter and provided vocal tracks for King Oliver and Eddie Lang.

His accompanist, Steve Lewis became the top piano player in New Orleans after Jelly Roll Morton left town and was also the pianist for Armand Piron's New Orleans Orchestra. He apparently went crazy, was committed to an insane asylum and died shortly afterwards ca. 1941.

Recorded in New Orleans on April 14, 1926.

Mill's Blue Rhythm Band - Victor 22763 (1931)

Wardell Jones t, v / Shelton Hemphill, Ed Anderson t / Harry WHite, Henry Hicks tb / Charlie Himes cl, as / Ted McCord cl, ts / Edgar Hayes p / Benny James bj / Hayes Alvis sb / Willie Lynch d / Chick Bullock, George Morton v / Benny Carter a.

Recorded in New York on June 26, 1931.

Willie Bryant & His Orchestra - Victor 24847 (1935)

Here we have 2 sides from the first recording session of the ever-versatile Willie Bryant.

Willie Bryant v, dir / Robert Cheek, Richard Clark t / Edgar 'Pudding Head' Battle t, vtb, a / John Haughton, Robert Horton, George Matthews tb / Glyn Paque cl, as / Stanley Payne as / Johnny Russell ts / Teddy Wilson p / Arnold Adams g / Louis Thompson sb / Cozy Cole d.

Recorded in New York on January 4, 1935.

Putney Dandridge & His Orchestra - Vocalion 3352 (1936)

I had been searching for a 78 to post for Halloween but unfortunately, in my desperate search for a certain record, overlooked this one several times.

Here it is anyway.

Personnel listed on the label. Enjoy!

Gene Rodrigue With His Bayou Boys - Meladee 101 (1954)

Just came across this Cajun record. Unfortunately, I can't find much information about the label or Gene Rodrigue. The label has that it was made by Meladee Record Co. located at 630 Baronne St. in New Orleans.

The Big & Little Aces - Okeh 41136 (1928)

The Big Aces - Tommy Dorsey, Nat Natoli t / Jack Teagarden tb / Don Redman cl, as, a / Jimmy Dorsey cl, as / Frank Teschemacher cl, ts / George Thomas ts, v / Frank Signorelli p / Carl Kress bj / Hank Stern bb / Stan King d.

Recorded in New York on September 28, 1928.

The Little Aces - Don Redman cl, as, v, dir / Langston Curl, John Nesbitt t / Claude Jones tb / Milton Senior cl, as / George Thomas cl, ts, v / Prince Robinson cl, as / Todd Rhodes p / Dave Wilborn bj, v / Ralph Escudero bb / Cuba Austin d.

Recorded in New York on October 13, 1928.

Bix Beiderbecke & His Gang - Vocalion 3149 (1927)

I don't have many Bix records...even the Whiteman & Goldkettes elude me.

Here is probably the best conditioned one I have...and it's not even original.

Get your Bix fix now.

Bix c / Bill Rank tb / Do Murray cl / Adrian Rollini bsx / Frank Signorelli p /Chauncey Morehouse d. Recorded October 25, 1927.