Jimmy Joy & His Orchestra - Brunswick 3905 (1928)

Here's a Texas territory band from 1928 featuring a 20 year old Matty Matlock on clarinet and alto sax.

Unfortunately this record had suffered severe water damage by the time I found it in a mission type thrift store last year.

The music is still there...but so is the rhythmic swishing sound.

Arcadian Serenaders - Okeh 40503 (1925)

Sterling Bose c / Bob Marvin bj / Marty Livingston v / Avery Loposer tb / Cliff Holman cl, as / Johnny Riddick p / Felix Guarino d.

Recorded in St. Louis on October 26, 1925.

Jack Linx & His Society Serenaders - Okeh 40188 (1924)

Here we have a territory band from Birmingham, Alabama that traveled to Atlanta to make recordings from 1924 to 1927.

Jack Linx cl, ss, as, dir / Coleman Sachs c / Sidney Patterson cl, as / Seibert Traxler cl, ts, bar / Eph Tunkle or Gilbert Davis p / Maurice Sigler bj, v / Frank Manning bb / Carroll Gardner d.

Recorded on August 28, 1924.

My List Of Radio Shows Featuring 78's

The Big Broadcast – Hosted by Rich Conaty

Sat & Sun
The Swingin’ Years – Hosted by Chuck Cecil

Hot Jazz Saturday Night – Hosted by Rob Bamberger

Country Classics – Hosted by Joe Bussard

Jazz Decades – Ray Smith

Any other shows out there? Let me know.

Specht's Society Orchestra (or Specht's Jazz Outfit) - Puritan 11148 (1922)

I was checking the personnel on these sides (as many sidemen are well known to others...but not always to me) and happened upon trumpeter Frank Guarente. While born in Italy, he resided in New Orleans around 1914. He apparently befriended King Oliver, learning techniques from him while in return, showing Oliver how to read music.

The following are 2 sides from a small outfit culled from Paul Specht's orchestra...one that some cite as the first "group within a group."

Lineup: Frank Guarente t / Ray Stilwell tb / Johnny O'Donnell cl, bcl, as / Arthur Schutt p / Joe Tarto bb / Chauncey Morehouse d.

Recorded in New York on June 29, 1922

The Cats & The Fiddle - Bluebird 8685 (1941)

Austin Powell – 4 stringed guitar, Chuck Barksdale - bass, Jimmy Henderson - tipple, Ernie Price - tipple & guitar

Frank Tanner's Rhythm Kings / Chicago Rhythm Kings - Bluebird 6690 (1936)

Here we have a side by San Antonio's Frank Tanner's Rhythm Kings from 1936. I can hear the groundwork to early R&B / Rock & Roll being laid down in this track.

The flip side is by the Chicago Rhythm Kings. The group is a pseudonym for Tempo King & His Kings Of Tempo which, in turn, is a pseudonym for Marty Masala, Joe Marsala, Queenie Ada Rubin, Mort Stuhlmaker, Stan King & Eddie Condon (Tempo King??).

I won this 78 on eBay years ago without knowing either group or what the type of music it was and got it for next to nothing. I'm glad I did.

Al Siegel's Orchestra / Raderman's Dance Orchestra - Puritan 11301 (1924)

The cornet on Siegel's track (composed by the great Lemuel Fowler) is listed as being either Murphy Steinberg or NORK leader, Paul Mares. The only identified personnel on Raderman's side is Harry Reser on banjo.

Acetate - Leo Parker, Joe Pass, Barney Kessel, Pete ? (1945)

I'm not big into post war jazz nor do I have much of it on 78 or Lp. I just came across this acetate in my garage featuring some names I recognize and one I can't identify. I searched the net a bit but couldn't find much information on the tracks by these musicians. I doubt that these are recordings of some long lost unpublished sides but does anyone have information on maybe what label this was recorded for or who the bassist was?

Connie's Inn Orchestra - Victor 22698 (1931)

Here's a recent addition to the collection which was found along Alabama's stretch of the Gulf.

From wikipedia...

Clarence Halliday (1898–1937) (also known as Clarence Holiday) was an American musician and the probable father of singer, Billie Holiday.

At the age of 17 years old, Halliday became the unmarried father of Billie Holiday who was born to 13 year old Julia Sadie Fagan. Halliday rarely visited Fagan or her daughter.

When he was 21 years old he moved from Baltimore to Philadelphia.

Halliday played rhythm guitar and banjo as a member of the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra (1928–33). Halliday also recorded with Benny Carter (1934) and Bob Howard (1935) and worked with Charlie Turner (1935), Louis Metcalf (1935–36), and the Don Redman Big Band (1936–37).

Fletcher Henderson p, a, dir / Russell Smith, Rex Stewart, Bobby Stark t / Claude Jones, Benny Morton tb / Russell Procope, Harvey Boone cl, as / Coleman Hawkins cl, ts / Clarence Holiday g / John Kirby bb / Walter Johnson d / George Bias v.

Recorded in New York on April 29, 1931.

My Very First "Wow" Find

About 15 years ago, in my former life, I worked in golf and got to meet many people on a daily basis. One was an auctioneer and knowing my interest in records, informed me that there was going to be several boxes of them at the next auction. I told him that I'd be there.

I arrived and looked over the items that were to be put up that night. Unfortunately, the records were lps but there were a few Verve labeled items that I thought would be nice to have if the price didn't go too high.

Chas. Creath's Jazz-O-Maniacs - Okeh 8217 (1925)

How 'bout some jazz from St. Louis? I only wish their Rams were this hot...maybe next year.

Charles Creath t, dir / Leonard Davis t / Charlie Lawson tb / Sam Long, William Thornton Blue cl, as / William Rollins ts / Cranston Hamilton p / Pete Peterson bj / Floyd Campbell d, v.

Recorded in St. Louis in March, 1925.

Sonny Clay's Plantation Orchestra - Vocalion 15078 (1925)

Apparently, according to wikipedia, Australia banned the entry of black musicians because of incidents that occured while Sonny Clay's band was touring that country in 1928. The article said that Louis Armstrong was unable to play in Australia until 1954 because of this.

Sonny Clay p, dir / Ernest Coycault t / W.B. Woodman tb / Leonard Davidson cl / ___ Fitzgerald bj / Willie McDaniels d, k.

Recorded in Los Angeles on July 28, 1925.