Jumpin' Jiminy...Cricket! It's Ukulele Ike!

Here's a Ukulele Ike that was in the stack of brand new looking records found last week.

I had always known that Cliff Edwards was the voice of Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio and other Disney fare but searching the net tonight, I found out that his life was anything but Disney-ish.

Also read that he may have been the first to lay down scat vocals on wax.

Recorded in New York in late 1928.

Jingle Bells - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - Bluebird 11353 (1941)

Jingle Bells is apparently the only holiday tune studio-recorded by Glenn Miller & His Orchestra but his 'ghost' band released 2 excellent Christmas cd's called In The Christmas Mood Volumes 1 & 2 that have become staples in my holiday music rotation.

Although this version of Jingle Bells bears little resemblance to the original composed by James Lord Pierpont...it does incorporate his lyrics along with some comically novelty ones. (I don't know why Pierpont's name is not listed in the credits on the label)

Jingle Bells is traditionally sung at Christmas time but was originally penned for the Thanksgiving holiday back in 1850.

So with that in mind...Happy Thanksgiving!

Glenn Miller tb, dir / Dale McMickle, Johnny Best, Ray Anthony, Billy May t / Jimmy Priddy, Paul Tanner, Frank D'Annolfo tb / Ben Femen as / Wilbur Schwartz as, cl / Al Klink, Tex Beneke (v), ts / Ernie Caceres bs, as, cl, v / Chummy MacGregor p / Bill Conway g / Herman Trigger Alpert sb / Maurice Purtill d / The Modernaires v.

Bluebird 11353 - Recorded October 20, 1941.

Bix Beiderbecke Finds

Continuing to post some more of my haul from yesterday.

Bix Beiderbecke c / Fuzzy Farrar, Ray Lodwig t / Bill Rank, Speigle Wilcox tb / Danny Polo cl, bar / Doc Ryker as / Frank Trumbauer Cm / Joe Venuti vn / Itzy Riskin p / Howdy Quicksell bj / Steve Brown sb / Chauncey Morehouse d / Ray Muerer v / Bill Challis a.

Recorded in New York on January 31, 1927

Paul Whiteman dir / Charlie Margulis, Harry Goldfield t / Bix Beiderbecke, Andy Secrest c / Boyce Cullen, Bill Rank, Wilbur Hall tb / Bernie Daly cl, ss / Frank Trumbauer cl, as / Chester Hazlett as / Charles Strickfaden cl, ss, bar / Izzy Friedman, Red Mayer cl, ts / Kurt Dieturle, Mischa Russell, John Bowman, Charles Gaylord vn / Lennie Hayton cel / Roy Bargy p / Mike Pingitore bj / Min Leibrook bb / Mike Trafficante sb / George Marsh d / Jack Fulton tb, v / Bing Crosby v.

Recorded in New York on May 3, 1929.

Someone must have liked their Potato Head as it has been well played...as you will hear.

Red & Miff's Stompers - Victor 21183 (1927)

In continuation of the last post...here's another disc from 'The 50' found today at the Antique Store.

This is the flip side of a Blue Steele track...Red & Miff's Stompers recorded in New York on October 12, 1927.

Red Nichols t / Miff Mole tb / Pee Wee Russell, Fud Livingston cl, ts, a / Lennie Hayton p / Carl Kress g / Jack Hanson bb / Vic Berton d.

Eddie South & His Alabamians - Victor 21151 (1927)

Stopped today at the 'Antique Store' after having last visited about 6 months ago and, again, was not disappointed. After seeing multiple shelves stacked with the same 78s I had remembered from before, my wife asked me if I had seen the records stacked around the corner. These were new arrivals. After thumbing through the first few, I knew I was in for a good haul. I walked out with 50 discs of all genres.

Only have time to post a couple of sides tonight but here goes...

Here are the first two recordings by Eddie South & His Alabamians recorded in Chicago on December 2, 1927.

Eddie South vn, w, v, dir / Antonio Spaulding p / Mike McKendrick g / Jerome Burke d, v.