Locke Brothers Rhythm Orchestra - Bluebird 6316 (1936)

Over half way to a complete run of this basically unknown North Carolina territory band.

Recorded in Charlotte, NC on February 15, 1936.

The Halfway House Dance Orchestra - Columbia 681 (1926)

This happened to be the latest issued (1926) record in a batch of 78s that was discovered untouched (and apparently unsold) for decades in an old abandoned store in the midwest several years ago.

I had been after this one since seeing it a few months ago and after a little horse trading, was finally able to bring it home yesterday.

The Halfway House Orchestra's complete output can be found and purchased here on Jazz Oracle's first release.

Albert Brunies c / Charlie Cordella cl / Glynn Lea 'Red' Long p / Angelo Palmisano bj / Chink Martin bb / Emmett Rogers d.

Recorded in New Orleans on April 13, 1926.