Fred Longshaw - Columbia 14080 (1925)

This seems to be the only record released under Fred Longshaw's name. He also appears to have been a regular piano accompanist and songwriter for Bessie Smith. Just not too much on the net regarding Fred.

Recorded in New York on June 8, 1925.

T-Bone Walker - Imperial 5284 (1953)

After years of never finding a T-Bone Walker in my searches...I have collected 6 in the last few months. Funny how findings can come in bunches. Now if I could just do the same with some Pattons and Johnsons.

Bye, Bye, Baby - T-Bone Walker v, g / John Lawton t / Lee Gross as / Walter Cox ts / T.J. Fowler p / Henry Ivory b / Clarence Stamp d.

Recorded in Detroit on October 21, 1953.

Wanderin' Heart - T-Bone Walker v, g / with Dave Bartholomew's Band / probably: Bartholomew t / Wendell Duconge as / Lee Allen ts / Herb Hardesty bar / Walter Nelson g / Frank Fields b / Cornelius Coleman d.

Recorded in New Orleans on November 6, 1953.

Bunny Berigan & His Orchestra - Elite 5005 (1941)

What I at first thought was a couple of sides on an obscure re-release label turned out to be two of the last eight recordings Berigan laid down on an, again, obscure label shortly before he died at a young age.

After having to declare bankruptcy, Berigan entered into the hospital due to alcohol related illness. He played in Tommy Dorsey's band for a few months before starting up a new band. This group was made up of young and largely unknown musicians (I do believe that these are from drummer Jack Sperling's first recording session) and recorded just eight sides during 2 sessions in late 1941 and early 1942 for the small Elite label.

Bunny Berigan passed away less than a half a year after his last recording session.

Bunny Berigan t, dir / Arthur Mellor, Bobby Mansell, Freddy Norton t / Charlie Stewart, Max Smith tb / Walt Mellor, George Quinty as / Wilbur Joustra, Red Lang ts / Eugene Kutch p / Tony Estren sb / Jack Sperling d / Lynne Richards v.

Recorded in New York in September of 1941.