The California Ramblers - Columbia A3986 (1923)

Frank Cush, Bill Moore t / Lloyd "Ole" Olsen tb / Bobby Davis cl, ss, as / Arnold Brilhart cl, as / Freddy Cusick ts / Adrian Rollini bsx / Arthur Hand vn, dir / Irving Brodsky p / Ray Kitchingman bj / Stan King d, kazoo.

Recorded in New York on September 4, 1923.

Ray Miller & His Black And White Melody Boys - Columbia A3519 (1921)

Sticking with Ray Miller again...this one looks to be his first record for the Columbia label.

Wondering if the Pollack listed as composer for Weep No More is Ben Pollack. He would have been only 18 years old when this was recorded and that may be young but just two years later in 1923, he did co-compose Tin Roof Blues. Anyone know?

EDIT: Thanks to Althazarr for sending me the information on Lew Pollack.

Earl Oliver and another t / Tom Brown tb / Jim Welton, Bernard Daly cl, as / Phil Saxe cl, ts, vn / Mike Cirina vn / Billy Faziolo p / Gus Lazaro bj / Louis Epstein bb, bsx / d (probably not Ray Miller).

Recorded in New York on November 18, 1921.

Ray Miller & His Orchestra - Brunswick 2681 (1924)

Charles Rocco, Roy Johnston t / Miff Mole, Andy Sindelar tb / Bernard Daly, Andy Sannella cl, as / Frank Trumbauer Cm / Don Yates vn / Harry Parrella, Tom Satterfield p / Frank Di Prima bj / Louis Cassagne bb, sb / Ward Archer d.

Recorded in New York on August 5, 1924.

Richard M. Jones - Gennett 5174 (1923)

I recently found and sold an Andrews Sisters 78 (Decca 3598). I then used the proceeds to get the following record...even had enough left over for a Dr. Pepper.

From wikipedia…

Richard M. Jones, born Richard Marigny Jones, (13 June 18928 December 1945) was a jazz pianist, composer, band leader, and record producer. Numerous songs bear his name as author, including "Trouble in Mind".

Jones grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. Jones suffered from a stiff leg and walked with a limp; fellow musicians gave him the nickname "Richard My Knee Jones" as a pun on his middle name. In his youth he played alto horn in brass bands. His main instrument, however, became the piano. By 1908 he was playing in Storyville, the red-light district of New Orleans. A few years later, he often led a small band which sometimes included Joe Oliver. Jones also worked in the bands of John Robichaux, Armand J. Piron, and Papa Celestin.

In 1918 Jones moved to Chicago. He worked as Chicago manager for publisher Clarence Williams. Jones began recording in 1923, making gramophone records as a piano soloist, accompanist to vocalists, and with his bands The Jazz Wizards and The Chicago Cosmopolitans. He recorded for Gennett, OKeh, Victor, and Paramount Records in the 1920s. He also worked for OKeh Records as Chicago supervisor of the company's "Race" (African-American) Records for most of the decade. In the 1930s he played a similar role for Decca.

Richard M. Jones worked for Mercury Records until his death in 1945.

Louisiana Five Jazz Orchestra / The Happy Six - Columbia A2949 (1919)

Starting to find Louisiana Fives all over town. (Here are some others that have been posted before.)

This appears to be their second to last recording session.

Charlie Panelli tb / Alcide Nuñez cl / Joe Cawley p / Karl Berger bj / Anton Lada d. (Rust's discography has clarinetist Doc Behrendson added for this recording but listed on cornet...typo?)

Recorded in New York on December 16, 1919.

Earl Oliver t / Tom Brown tb / cl, as / Bob Johnson, F. Wheeler Wadsworth or Rudy Weidoeft as / Phil Ohman p / George Hamilton Green d, x.

Recorded in New York on May 18, 1920.

Sam Lanin & His Orchestra - Romeo 866 (1929)

Found this post about Merle Johnston on Albert Haim's wonderful Bixography forum.

Personnel listed as probably: Phil Napoleon and another t / Tommy Dorsey tb / Jimmy Dorsey, Andy Sannella cl, as / Merle Johnston cl, ts / Arthur Schutt p / Tony Colucci bj / Jimmy Mullen bb / Stan King d / Scrappy Lambert v.

Recorded in New York on January 28, 1929.