Little Richard & His Band - Regency 597 (1957)

From wikipedia...

Released on Specialty Records in February 1957, Little Richard's single, Lucille, made number 21 on the US pop chart, and number 10 on the UK chart. It was composed by Al Collins (not the blues guitar player Albert Collins) and Little Richard. First pressings of Specialty 78rpm show Collins as the only writer. Little Richard bought half of the song's rights while Collins was in Louisiana State prison (Angola).

Here's Little Richard fronting the Deuces of Rhythm & Tempo Toppers on a 1953 Peacock 78. 

Also, click here to see Little Richard at one of his last concerts before retirement.

Here's a squeaky clean Canadian pressing...

Willie Bryant & His Orchestra - Bluebird 6435 (1936)

Willie Bryant v, dir / Richard Clark t / Jack Butler, Taft Jordan t / John Haughton, George Matthews tb / Glyn Paque as / Stanley Payne as, bar / Charles Frazier, Johnny Russell ts / Roger Ramirez p / Arnold Adams g / Ernest Hill sb / Cozy Cole d.

Recorded in New York on June 3, 1936.

Jelly-Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers - Victor 20252 (1926)

Jelly Roll Morton p, v, dir / George Mitchell c / Kid Ory tb / Omer Simeon, Barney Bigard, Darnell Howard cl / Johnny St. Cyr bj, v / John Lindsay sb / Andrew Hillaire d / Marty Bloom sound effects.

Recorded at the Webster Hotel in Chicago on September 21, 1926.

Texas Alexander - Okeh 8526 (1927)

I think Lonnie Johnson is on guitar on Range.

Recorded on August 11, 1927.

Elder Richard Bryant's Sanctified Singers - Okeh 8559 (1928)

Traded this one away a few years back...kinda wish I can find another.

Miff Mole & His Little Molers - Okeh 41098 (1928)

Red Nichols, Leo McConville t / Miff Mole tb / Dudley Fosdick mel / Fud Livingston cl, ts / Arthur Schutt p / Carl Kress g / Joe Tarto bb / Stan King d.

Recorded in New York on July 27, 1928.

Red Nichols' Stompers - Victor 21056 (1927)

Red Nichols, Bob Ashford t / Bill Rank, another tb / Max Farley as / Frank Trumbauer Cm . Pee Wee Russell cl, ts / Adrian Rollini bsx / Arthur Schutt pno / Lennie Hayton p / Carl Kress g / Jack Hanson bb / Chauncey Morehouse d / Jim Miller, Charlie Farrell v.

Recorded in New York on October 26, 1927.

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Victor 21137 (1927)

Gotta love early Ellington!

Duke Ellington p, a, dir / Bubber Miley , Louis Metcalf t / Joe Nanton tb / Otto Hardwick ss, as, bar / Harry Carney cl, as, bar / Rudy Jackson cl, ts / Fred Guy bj / Wellman Braud sb / Sonny Greer d / Adelaide Hall v.

Recorded in New York on October 6, 1927.

John Lee Hooker - Modern 908 (1953)

Found over a dozen Hank Williams MGMs on a Memorial Day hunt and tucked in nicely amidst all the yellow was this red Modern.

John Lee Hooker g, v / Boogie Woogie Red p / Eddie Kirkland g / Tom Whitehead d.

Recorded (in Detroit?) on June 26, 1953.