Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers / Tiny Parham & His Musicians - Bluebird 6031 (1928/29)

Jelly Roll Morton p, dir / Ward Pinkett t / Geechie Fields tb / Omer Simeon cl / Lee Blair bj / Bill Benford bb / Tommy Benford d.

Recorded at Liederkranz Hall, New York on June 11, 1928.

Tiny Parham p, dir / Roy Hobson c / Charles Lawson tb / Charles Johnson cl, as / Mike McKendrick bj / Quinn Wilson bb / Ernie Marrero d.

Recorded in Chicago on February 1, 1929.

Tiny Parham & His Musicians - Victor 23027 (1930)

Here we have the debut of legendary bassist, Milt Hinton (he recorded 5 issued sides that day, Jug-Jug being the first) and these were also the only recordings he made playing brass bass.

Tiny Parham p, dir / Roy Hobson c / Ike Covington tb / Charles Johnson cl, as / Dalbert Bright cl, as, ts / Mike McKendrick bj / Milt Hinton bb / Ernie Marrero d.

Recorded in Chicago on November 4, 1930.

Black Swan Quartette - Black Swan 2028 (1921)

Recorded in New York late 1921.

Sexteto Habanero - Victor 80272 (1927)

What this one lacks in fidelity, it makes up for in a wonderful remnant store sticker.

Recorded at Liederkranz Hall in New York October 20, 1927.

New Orleans Owls - Columbia 1547 (1927)

Always nice to add a New Orleans recorded disc to the crate.

Bill Padron, Red Bolman (Twister) c / Benjamin 'Benji" White cl, as, dir / Frank Netto tb / Irvine 'Pinky' Vidacovitch cl, as / Lester Smith ts / Sigfre Christiansen p / Rene Gelpi  (Plenty), Hilton Napoleon 'Nappy' Lamare (Twister) bj, g / unknown mandolin / Dan Leblanc bb / Earl Crumb d, leader.

Recorded in New Orleans on April 14 & October 26 (Twister), 1927.

Cuarteto Machín - Victor 32100 (1934)

Antonio Machín was born in Sagua la Grande, Cuba in 1903. Along with three Puerto Ricans, Daniel Sanchez, Cándido Vicenty, and Plácido Acevedo (from Aguadilla), he formed Cuarteto Machín and recorded in New York starting in 1932.

Not sure of the recording date for this record as information regarding these particular sides eluded my internet search results. They were not included in the Cuarteto's list on the UC-Santa Barbara site, Discography of American Historical Recordings.

[Update: the discographical information has now been posted.]

Alfredo Cibelli dir / Félix Ganuza t / Antonio Machín leader / Raúl trés / Daniel Sánchez g.

Recorded in New York on March 1, 1934.

Duke Ellington & His Washingtonians - Gennett 3342 (1926)

The earliest Ellington in my collection.

Duke Ellington p, a, dir / Bubber Miley, Charlie Johnson t / Joe Nanton or Charlie Irvis tb / Otto Hardwick as, bar / Prince Robinson cl, ts / Fred Guy bj / Henry Edwards bb / Sonny Greer d.

Recorded in New York on June 21, 1926.

Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra - Okeh 8277 (1925)

Slowly adding Moten Okehs to the collection...

Bennie Moten p, dir/ Lammar Wright, Harry Cooper c / Thamon Hayes tb / Harlan Leonard cl, as / Woody Walder cl, ts / LaForest Dent bj / Vernon Page bb / Willie Hall d.

Recorded in Kansas City on May 14, 1925.


Jimmie O'Bryant's Washboard Band - Paramount 20400 (1925)

Wonder why this was issued on Paramount's 20000 pop series instead of the 12000.

Jimmie O'Bryant cl / Bob Shoffner c / Jimmy Blythe / p / Jasper Taylor wb.

Recorded in Chicago in June, 1925.

Matson's Lucky Seven - Claxtonola 40306 (1924)

Been after this one for years after finding one of his Edisons in a Wisconsin garage.

Charles Matson p, a, dir / 2 c / ? John Mayfield tb / ? Ernest Elliott cl, as / ? Sam Speed bj.

Recorded in New York in January, 1924.

Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds Of Joy - Brunswick 4653 (1929)

Andy Kirk bsx, bb, dir / Gene Prince, Harry Lawson t / Allen Durham tb / John Harrington cl, as / John Williams as, bar / Lawrence 'Slim' Freeman ts / Claude Williams vn / Mary Lou Williams p, a / William Dirvin bj, g / Edward McNeil d.

Recorded in Kansas City on November 7 (Cloudy) and 8 (Casey Jones Special), 1929.

Dixieland Jug Blowers - Victor 20854 (1927)

Hense Grundy tb / George Allen, Lockwood Lewis as, ss / Clifford Hayes vn, v / Cal Smith bj, g / Earl McDonald jug / Prince LaVaughn v.

Recorded in Chicago on June 6, 1927.

Chocolate Dandies - Vocalion 1646 (1931)

Here we, arguably, have the first recordings by the Mills Blue Rhythm Band.

Many claim this one was the first but still others say that they were not recorded by the same outfit.

Wardell Jones, Shelton Hemphill, Ed Anderson t / Harry White, Henry Hicks tb / Crawford Wethington cl, as, bar / Ted McCord cl, ts / Edgar Hayes p, a / Benny James bj / Hayes Alvis sb / Willie Lynch d / Dick Robertson v.

Recorded in New York on January 30, 1931.

Fess Williams & His Joy Boys - Vocalion 15690 (1928)

From wikipedia...

Dave Peyton (ca. 1885 – May 1955) was an American songwriter, pianist, arranger, orchestra leader, and music critic columnist for the Chicago Defender.

Peyton first began as a pianist in the trio of Wilbur Sweatman, where he played from 1908 to 1912. Following this Peyton led his own ensembles in various theaters in Chicago. His sidemen included Charlie Allen, George Mitchell, Bob Shoffner, Reuben Reeves, Kid Ory, Bud Scott, Jasper Taylor, Jimmy Bertrand, Baby Dodds, Preston Jackson, Darnell Howard, Jerome Don Pasquall, and Lee Collins. While he only recorded under his own name once (with Richard M. Jones), his orchestra also recorded in 1928 under Fess Williams's name. In the 1930s he led an orchestra at the Regal Theater, and later played solo piano in bars and nightclubs. He also worked as a music contractor, filling orchestras with personnel upon request.

Peyton is best remembered for his songs, some of which became major hits; among them were the standard "I Ain't Got Nobody" and the tunes "Hey Stop Kissin' My Sister" and "Roumania", both performed by Fats Waller.

Fess Williams cl, dir / Fats Robinson t, o / Reuben Reeves t / Eddie Atkins, William Franklin tb / Ralph Brown as, o / Norval Morton ts, f / Clarence Lee, Bobby Wall, Joe McCutchin vn / p / Lawrence W. Dixon bj / Sudie Reynaud sb / Jasper Taylor d.

Recorded in Chicago on April 3, 1928.

The Harlem Music Masters / Louis Armstrong & His Sebastian New Cotton Club Orchestra - Okeh 41468 (1930)

Duke Ellington p, a, dir / Arthur Whetsel, Freddy Jenkins, Cootie Williams t / Joe Nanton tb / Juan Tizol vtb / Johnny Hodges cl, ss, as / Harry Carney cl, as, bar / Barney Bigard cl, ts / Fred Guy bj / Wellman Braud sb / Sonny Greer d, chimes.

Recorded in New York on October 30, 1930.

Louis Armstrong t, v / George Orendorff, Harold Scott t / Luther Graven tb / Les Hite as, bar, ldr / Marvin Johnson as / Charlie Jones cl, ts / Henry Prince p / Bill Perkins bj, g / Joe Bailey sb / Lionel Hampton d, vib.

Recorded in Los Angeles on October 9, 1930.

Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra - Columbia 970 (1927)

Fletcher Henderson p, a, dir / Joe Smith, Tommy Ladnier, Russell Smith t / Benny Morton, Jimmy Harrison tb / Buster Bailey, cl, as / Don Redman cl, as, a, v / Coleman Hawkins cl, ts / Charlie Dixon bj / June Cole bb / Kaiser Marshall d.

Recorded in New York on January 21, 1927.

Wilton Crawley & His Orchestra - Victor 38136 (1929)

? Freddie Jenkins, ? Robert Cheek t / tb / Wilton Crawley cl / Charlie Holmes as / Jelly Roll Morton, Luis Russell p / bj, g / Pops Foster sb / Paul Barbarin d.

Recorded in New York on December 2, 1929.

Chick Webb & His Orchestra - Brunswick 6898 (1931)

Chick Webb d, dir / Shelton Hemphill, Louis Hunt t / Louis Bacon t, v / Jimmy Harrison tb / Benny Carter cl, as, v, a / Hilton Jefferson cl, as / Elmer Williams cl, ts / Don Kirkpatrick p / John Trueheart bj, g / Elmer James bb, sb.

Recorded in New York on March 30, 1931.

Barbecue Bob - Columbia 14222 (1927)

The first blues record I ever found was the most beat up worn out record I had ever seen...can hardly make out any music at all and every time I get a new stylus, cartridge, turntable, it's the first record I play just to see if I can squeeze a bit more out of it.

Now, just this week, I ran across this record and it looks like it just slid out of the sleeve for the very first time.

Feast or in between.

From wikipedia...

Robert Hicks, better known as Barbecue Bob (September 11, 1902 – October 21, 1931) was an early American Piedmont blues musician. His nickname came from the fact that he was a cook in a barbecue restaurant. One of the two extant photographs of Bob show him playing his guitar while wearing a full length white apron and cook's hat.

He was born in Walnut Grove, Georgia. He and his brother, Charlie Hicks, together with Curley Weaver, were taught how to play the guitar by Curley's mother, Savannah "Dip" Weaver. Bob began playing the 6-string guitar but picked up the 12-string guitar after moving to Atlanta, Georgia in 1923-1924. He became one of the prominent performers of the newly developing early Atlanta blues style.

In Atlanta, Hicks worked a variety of jobs, playing music on the side. While working at Tidwells' Barbecue in a north Atlanta suburb, Hicks came to the attention of Columbia Records talent scout Dan Hornsby. Hornsby recorded him and decided to use Hicks's job as a gimmick, having him pose in chef's whites and hat for publicity photos and dubbing him "Barbecue Bob."

During his short career he recorded 68 78-rpm sides. He recorded his first side, Barbecue Blues in March 1927. The record quickly sold 15,000 copies and made him a best selling artist for Columbia's race series. Despite this initial success, it was not until his second recording session, in New York during June 1927, that he firmly established himself on the race market. At this session he recorded Mississippi Heavy Water Blues, a song inspired by the major floods taking place in Mississippi at that time. This song, as well as his other blues releases, gained considerable popularity, and his records sold much better than those of other local blues musicians.

Robert Hicks g, v.

Recorded in Atlanta on June 15, 1927.

Chick Bullock & His Levee Loungers (Joe Robichaux & His New Orleans Rhythm Boys) - Perfect 15809 (1933)

A nice surprise finding out that the backing band behind Chick Bullock on these two sides is Joseph Robichaux & His New Orleans Rhythm Boys.

Joe Robichaux p, dir / Eugene Ware t / Alfred Guishard cl, as / Gene Porter cl, ts / Walter Williams g / Ward Crosby d, vib, chimes / Chick Bullock v.

Recorded in New York on August 26, 1933.

Russell Gray & His Orchestra - Okeh 40938 (1927)

Is Bix on this record? Seems to be up for debate.

Frank Trumbauer Cm, dir / Bix Beiderbecke and another c / Bill Rank tb / Don Murray cl, ts / Pee Wee Russell cl, bar / Adrian Rollini bsx / Frank Signorelli p / Eddie Lang g / Joe Venuti vn / Chauncey Morehouse d.

Recorded in New York on October 26, 1927.

Joe Venuti's Blue Four - Okeh 40897 (1927)

Unfortunately, the other side is too far gone to play.

Joe Venuti vn / Adrian Rollini bsx, hfp, gfs / Rube Bloom p / Eddie Lang g.

Recorded in New York on September 13, 1927.

Joseph Robechaux (Robichaux) & His New Orleans Rhythm Boys - Vocalion

Just scored my first Robichaux...hope they don't prove as elusive going forward as they have been in the past.

Joe Robichaux p, dir / Eugene Ware t / Alfred Guishard cl, as / Gene Porter cl, ts / Walter Williams g / Ward Crosby d, vib, chimes.

Recorded in New York on August 22 & 25, 1933.