King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band - Brunswick 02200 (Originally Gennett 5132 & 5133) (1923)

Fresh off the riverboat up from New Orleans, here we have young Louis Armstrong from his very first recording session (plus a tune from the following day).

These are obviously reissues and was curious about the distortion at the beginning of Dipper Mouth Blues. No visual anomaly that would lend to the sound can be seen on the playing surface (The record is virtually blemish free and shiny). Could it have been from whatever master source that was used by Brunswick?

King Oliver, Louis Armstrong c / Honore Dutrey tb / Johnny Dodds cl / Lil Hardin p / Bill Johnson bj, v / Baby Dodds d.

Recorded in Richmond, IN on April 5 (Canal Street Blues) & 6 (Dipper Mouth Blues, aka Sugar Foot Stomp), 1923.

Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven - Okeh 8482 (1927)

I do believe this was the first recording (Willie The Weeper), not by the Hot Five, but by the Hot Seven.

Louis Armstrong c, v / John Thomas tb / Johnny Dodds cl / Lil Armstrong p / Johnny St. Cyr bj, g / Pete Briggs bb / Baby Dodds d.

Recorded in Chicago on May 7 & 10 (Alligator), 1927.

New Orleans Rhythm Kings (With Jelly Roll Morton) - Gennett 5221 (1923)

Here we have an early (the first?) pairing of black and white jazz musicians on record. According to sources, no one is certain if these Gennett sessions were planned or impromptu.

Either way, doesn't matter...just lucky it happened.

Paul Mares c / George Brunies tb / Leon Roppolo cl / Jack Pettis Cm / Glenn Scoville as, ts / Don Murray cl, ts / Jelly Roll Morton (London), Kyle Pierce (Mad) p / Bob Gillette bj / Chink Martin bb / Ben Pollack d.

Recorded in Richmond, IN on July 18, 1923.