Sam Morgan's Jazz Band - Jazz Classics 521 (Originally Columbia 14258) (1927)

What a shame that this band recorded only 8 sides over two sessions from 1927.

Their complete output can be found on this great cd by Jazz Oracle. It contains 23 of 35 sides total that were recorded in New Orleans by black jazz bands during the 1920s.

Sam Morgan c, v / Isaiah 'Ike' Morgan c / Jim Robinson tb / Earl Fouche as / Andrew Morgan cl, ts / Tink Baptiste p / Johnny Davis bj / Sidney Brown sb / Nolan Williams d.

Recorded in New Orleans on April 14, 1927.

Sam Morgan's Jazz Band - Columbia 14351 (1927)

From wikipedia...

Sam Morgan (1895–1936) was a New Orleans jazz trumpet player and bandleader.

The recordings by Sam Morgan's Jazz Band for Columbia Records in 1927 are some of the best regarded New Orleans classic jazz recordings of the decade, and continue to be influential. Sidemen in the band included brothers Isaiah Morgan on trumpet and Andrew Morgan on tenor sax. Earl Fouché played alto sax. Trombonist Jim Robinson later achieved fame working with Bunk Johnson, George Lewis], and at Preservation Hall. Robinson's cousin Sidney Brown (aka Little Jim or Jim Little) was the bassist, and later worked with George Lewis, most notably on the Climax sessions in the 1940s. George Guesnon was Morgan's banjoist from 1930 to 1935.

The "Young Morgan Band" as it was commonly called by fans of the day, was one of the most popular territory bands touring the gulf coast circuit (Galveston, Texas to Pensacola, Florida).

Sam Morgan c, v / Isaiah 'Ike' Morgan c / Jim Robinson tb / Earl Fouche as / Andrew Morgan cl, ts / O.C. Blancher p / Johnny Davis bj / Sidney Brown sb / Roy Evans d.

Recorded in New Orleans on October 22, 1927.

Ben Pollack & His Orchestra - Brunswick 7764 (1936)

Ben Pollack d, dir / Harry James, Shorty Sherock, Charlie Spivak t / Bruce Squires, Glenn Miller tb / Irving Fazola cl / Opie Cates as / Dave Matthews ts / Ray Cohen vn / Freddy Slack p / Frank Frederico g / Joe Price stg (Song Of The Islands) / Thurman Teague sb / Sammy Taylor d.

Recorded in New York on September 15 & 16 (Jimtown Blues), 1936.

W.C. Handy & Orchestra - Elite 5039 (1939)

Great lineup on this side...

W.C. Handy t / J.C. Higginbotham tb / Edmond Hall cl / Bingie Madison ts / Luis Russell p / Pops Foster sb / Sidney Catlett d.

Recorded in New York on December 26, 1939.

Piron's New Orleans Orchestra - Victor 19233 (1923)

From wikipedia...

Lorenzo Tio Jr. (1893–1933) was a master clarinetist from New Orleans, as were his father Lorenzo Tio Sr. (1867–1908) and uncle Louis "Papa" Tio (1862–1922). Their method of playing the instrument (which involved the Albert system, a double-lip embouchure and soft reeds) was seminal in the development of the jazz solo.

The three Tios helped bring classical music theory to the ragtime, blues and jazz musicians of New Orleans; Lorenzo Jr. eventually played jazz himself. Lorenzo Sr. taught "Big Eye" Louis Nelson Delisle. Many reed players significant in early jazz studied with Lorenzo Tio Jr., including Sidney Bechet, Barney Bigard, Johnny Dodds, Omer Simeon, Louis Cottrell, Jr., Jimmie Noone and Albert Nicholas.

Lorenzo Tio Jr. also played oboe. He joined Manuel Perez's band in Chicago in 1916 and Armand J. Piron's from 1918 to 1928, and recorded with Piron, Bechet, Jelly Roll Morton and Clarence Williams.

Armand J. Piron vn, dir / Peter Bocage t / John Lindsay tb / Lorenzo Tio, Jr. cl, ts / Louis Warnecke as / Steve Lewis p / Charles Bocage bj / Bob Ysaguirre bb / Louis Cottrell d.

Recorded in New York on December 11, 1923.