Specht's Society Orchestra (or Specht's Jazz Outfit) - Puritan 11148 (1922)

I was checking the personnel on these sides (as many sidemen are well known to others...but not always to me) and happened upon trumpeter Frank Guarente. While born in Italy, he resided in New Orleans around 1914. He apparently befriended King Oliver, learning techniques from him while in return, showing Oliver how to read music.

The following are 2 sides from a small outfit culled from Paul Specht's orchestra...one that some cite as the first "group within a group."

Lineup: Frank Guarente t / Ray Stilwell tb / Johnny O'Donnell cl, bcl, as / Arthur Schutt p / Joe Tarto bb / Chauncey Morehouse d.

Recorded in New York on June 29, 1922

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