Acetate - Leo Parker, Joe Pass, Barney Kessel, Pete ? (1945)

I'm not big into post war jazz nor do I have much of it on 78 or Lp. I just came across this acetate in my garage featuring some names I recognize and one I can't identify. I searched the net a bit but couldn't find much information on the tracks by these musicians. I doubt that these are recordings of some long lost unpublished sides but does anyone have information on maybe what label this was recorded for or who the bassist was?


  1. hi heypally! i´m a big Leo parker fan, so i was very surprised to see this! but unfortunately i can´t hear it (the links are gone). can you please re-up the links so that i can hear the tracks?
    thanks in advance!
    Keep boppin´

    1. Hello Marcel,

      Just saw your comment and have updated the audio links. If you find any other old posts that don't work, just leave a comment and I'll update them.

      Glad you found my blog!

  2. thanks for this music, heypally!
    i don´t have any idea who this musicians are but i don´t think that this are leo parker, joe pass and barney kessel. leo first played alto and switched to bariton in billy eckstine´s band. even the tenor solos doesn´t sound like him (for me). one of the two guitars has some influence of charlie christian (in "opus no. 2") and in "i surrender dear" some of django reinhardt. my guess is that this are some unknown (but very good) players. but not the three you´ve mentioned??
    still a mistery.
    thanks a lot!
    keep boppin´