Punch Miller's New Orleans Band - Icon I-45-736 (1962)

Just came across this one and snatched it up for fifty cents because I saw the name, Punch Miller. It wasn't until I got home that I even slid it out of the sleeve to see the brilliant royal blue vinyl and the inscription signed by Gypsy Lou Webb.

Punch Miller t, v / Israel Gorman cl / Albert Warner tb / George Guesnon bj / Wilbert Tillman bb / Alex Bigard (Barney's brother) d.

Looks to be recorded in New Orleans at the Kitty Club in 1962.


  1. Excellent - these are alternative versions to the ones released on Icon lp7. Great find.

  2. It appears that the recording session was on 31st August and 2nd September 1962. I believe Gorman died in the hurricane of '65.

  3. Do you still have this fabulous find?

  4. Would you sell it? Sorry for delay. Only just went back to your page.

    I've written a bunch of articles on Ken Grayson Mills, Icon Records and Preservation Hall and am writing one now which specifically goes into this single. Best regards, Lord Richard

  5. Please contact me on lacroixrecords@gmail.com
    For my website, see lacroixrecords.com You are a lucky man . . .