Ray Miller & His Orchestra - Brunswick 2681 (1924)

Charles Rocco, Roy Johnston t / Miff Mole, Andy Sindelar tb / Bernard Daly, Andy Sannella cl, as / Frank Trumbauer Cm / Don Yates vn / Harry Parrella, Tom Satterfield p / Frank Di Prima bj / Louis Cassagne bb, sb / Ward Archer d.

Recorded in New York on August 5, 1924.


  1. I have a Brunswick 78 of these tracks, but the label looks very different...The label has BRUNSWICK in gold letters on a white background, and the emblem at the top has three orange stripes.
    Under the 'Red Hot Mama' title on mine, there is no Spanish writing either. According to Wikipedia this label style was around in 1922. Any clues where and/or when it was made ? thanks Andy Reid, Melbourne, Australia

  2. The description is not ringing a bell. If you could possibly send a picture to heypally78rpms@bellsouth.net, I could ask collectors who know way more than I do.