Joe Mannone's Harmony Kings - Columbia 14282 (1927)

Here is one of two records by Joe "Wingy" Manone recorded in New Orleans. (The other one can be heard here.)

Wingy Mannone c / Hal Jordy cl, as / Bob Sacks ts / Johnny Miller p / Steve Brou g / Arnold Loyacano sb / John Ryan d / Earl Warner v.

Recorded in New Orleans on April 11, 1927.


  1. Is there a chance you could post the New Orleans Jazz Band / Six Black Diamonds - Banner 1318 record again? I always check your site but rarely comment. It's a pity others don't comment too or visit as you've posted some rarely heard 78s - the above being one.

    1. Thanks for continuing to check in on the page, Baron.

      I just updated Banner 1318 so give it a spin when you can.