New Orleans Owls - Columbia 1547 (1927)

Always nice to add a New Orleans recorded disc to the crate.

Bill Padron, Red Bolman (Twister) c / Benjamin 'Benji" White cl, as, dir / Frank Netto tb / Irvine 'Pinky' Vidacovitch cl, as / Lester Smith ts / Sigfre Christiansen p / Rene Gelpi  (Plenty), Hilton Napoleon 'Nappy' Lamare (Twister) bj, g / unknown mandolin / Dan Leblanc bb / Earl Crumb d, leader.

Recorded in New Orleans on April 14 & October 26 (Twister), 1927.

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  1. Hello Hey Pally, Would you please have the labels for the recordings of the Halfway House Orchestra? An please send me your email address, I'll put it in my mailing list. Thanks for your answer. Dan Vernhettes