Carolina Tar Heels - Victor 20545 (1927)

Just got back from summer vacation where I traveled the back roads of North & South Carolina looking for records.

This is the first offering from a small stash of mainly North Carolina stringband & old time artists that I found on the way back home.

(Here's another record by Gwen Foster found in the same batch)

From wikipedia...

The Carolina Tar Heels was an American old time string band. It originally consisted of Dock Walsh (July 23, 1901 – May 28, 1967) on banjo and Gwen Foster on harmonica. Later Clarence Ashley (September 29, 1895 – June 2, 1967) joined on guitar and Garley Foster (January 10, 1905 – October 5, 1968) would replace Gwen on harmonica. Despite sharing a surname Gwen and Garley were not related.

Doctor Coble Walsh (July 23, 1901 in Lewis Fork, Wilkes County, North Carolina – May 28, 1967), better known as Doc/Dock Walsh, was an American banjoist, and bandleader of The Carolina Tar Heels. He formed that group with Clarence Ashley in 1925, followed by the addition of Gwen Foster. Walsh is known as the "Banjo King of the Carolinas."

He played in a clawhammer style, but was one of the first to record the three-finger style. He also invented a method of playing with pennies under the bridge and the strings played with a knife, similar to bottle neck guitar style.

The Carolina Tar Heels were active in the 1920s, and disbanded in 1932.

Gwen Foster g, hmca, v / Dock Walsh bj, v.

Recorded in Atlanta on February 19, 1927.

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