Georgia Melodians / Green Bros. Novelty Band - Edison 51425 (1924)

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The Georgia Melodians were an early jazz band that was active in the 1920s and recorded for Edison Records. They were from Savannah Georgia and the joint leaders were Ernie Intelhouse (cor) and Hill Hutchins (cl, ts, bsx). After being together for a few years, they worked their way up the east coast to New York, where they arrived in February 1924. After some changes in personnel, they were playing opposite the Paul Van Loan Orchestra at the Cinderella Ballrom on 48th and Broadway. Around this time they started to record and throughout 1924 they made 26 sides that were released on 78 rpm Phonograph record. The band broke up towards the end of 1924 and left their regular gig at the Strand Roof. Their last booking was a New Year's Eve Ball at the Hotel Alamac.

Charles Boulanger vn, dir / Ernie Intlehouse, usually Mickey Bloom t / Herb Winfield tb / Merritt Kenworthy cl / Chalres Hutchins ts, bar / Oscar Young p / Elmer Merry bj / bb / Carl Gerold d.

Recorded in New York on October 10, 1924. (Music composed by Maceo Pinkard who also penned Sweet Georgia Brown)

Take: 9784-C-3-1

Recorded in New York on November 5, 1924.


  1. Thanks for posting those great tracks. Could you please let us know which take that is of I'm Satisfied by the Georgia Melodians?

  2. Sure...the dead wax reads 9784 C-3-1.

  3. Thanks. That's a different take from the one on the Timeless and Retrieval Georgia Melodians compilations which both used take B I believe. Any chance you could please also tell us the take letters for the Golden Gate Orchestra and Joe Candullo Edisons you posted before this?

  4. Just posted the take information for the other records on their respective posts in between the pic and the audio.