Golden Gate Orchestra - Edison 51661 (1925)

Here we have the California Ramblers recording under one of their many aliases.

Recorded in New York on November 24, 1925.

Arthur Hand vn, dir / Frank Cush, Roy Johnston t / Herb Winfield tb / Bobby Davis cl, ss, as / Ed Stannard as / Fud Livinston cl, ts / Adrian Rollini bsx / Irving Brodsky p / Tommy Felline bj / Stan King d / Arthur Hall, John Ryan v.

Take: 10692-B-3-2

Take: 10693-A-1-4


  1. Very jazzy Ramblers! A really great record and despite the label it sounds very clear and clean. Love how the singer pronounces the name "Mabel" in Clap Hands! Thank you!

  2. You're very welcome!

    Back before I started this blog, I would probably have passed on getting the record because of the missing label. I've come around. lol