Frisco Syncopators - Resona 11307 (1923)

In my search as to who this band really was (especially pertaining to the jazzier side...Sweet Henry), I was narrowing in on Charley Straight (who recorded the song as the Frisco Syncopators but on different labels) but after finding audio of his version...these were not the same band or at the least, the same take.

The only other audio version I could find was Sissle & Blake and, again, it was not them.

Anyone have an answer?

Edit: The band is indeed that of Charley Straight. I had searched under the wrong number...although it is not the same take as heard on the Paramount release from the same session.

Charley Straight  p, dir / Gene Caffarelli c / Guy Carey tb / cl / as /v / Wally Priessing  ts / Leo Murphy vn / Frank Sylvano bj / Ike Williams bb / Bob Conselman d.

Recorded in Chicago in October, 1923. 

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