Slim Gaillard Trio With Wini Beatty - Bel-Tone 755 (1946)

According to several different sources, Slim Gaillard was either born in Detroit, Pensacola, Alabama or Cuba.

Like Cab Calloway, Gaillard published a dictionary of his own vernacular.

Here is his Trio paired up with pianist Wini Beatty. A YouTube search for Beatty popped up a couple of anti-communist 60s era folk songs that she had recorded for the Key label.

Wini Beatty p / Slim Gaillard g, vib, v / Bam Brown sb / Zutty Singleton d.

Recorded in Los Angeles in January, 1946.


  1. Great record! Nice to hear it without tons of reverb and filtering. Vout?

  2. Thanks...I'm still learning how to transfer without a heavy hand on the noise reduction.