Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra / Hollywood Dance Orchestra - Banner 7031 (1928)

Looking up the Lanin side in Rust's discographies, it looks like Red Nichols may be present.

Sam Lanin dir / Red Nichols?, Leo McConville t / Al Philburn tb / Larry Abbott, Andy Sannella cl, as / ts / Irving Brodsky p / Tony Colucci bj / Joe Tarto bb / d / Justin Ring chimes / Irving Kaufman v.

Recorded in New York on February 1, 1928.

Not much info found for thise may be a Billy James' Orchestra.


  1. Good one- thank you! I like that little banjo thing at the end of Back in Your Own Backyard, plus nice trumpet solo. Is Red Nichols on the other side?

  2. I agree...that banjo fade out was pretty cool. I couldn't find any listing for the Hollywood Dance Orchestra other than it may be Billy James or Adrian Schubert.

  3. Very interesting ... I liked the second song. Congratulations on the blog, it's wonderful! I will return soon to know the other melodies. A big hug, S.