The Captivators (Direction Of Red Nichols) - Brunswick 4321 (1929)

Trying to clear my head, I looked around the garage a bit and saw a box of records that I was sure I had recently combed through. Giving it a nudge to get it off the shelf, I saw my handwriting on the side saying "Hot Sides."

I put it on the table to start flipping through and realized I hadn't seen the contents since at least 2007 (judging from the dates on the sleeves that I mark when I clean them).

It's like an early Christmas.

Red Nichols t, dir / Manny Klein t / Glenn Miller tb / Alfie Evans, Pete Pumiglio cl, as / Jimmy Crossan cl, ts / Arthur Schutt p / Carl Kress bj, g / Art Miller sb / Chuck Condon d / Scrappy Lambert v.

Recorded in New York on March 20, 1929.

Don't have it but there is a version sans vocal.

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