Red & Miff's Stompers - Edison 51854 (1926)

On the way back from a doctor's visit today...can't shake this cold...I stopped by an antique clock shop. The owner had called me before Christmas saying he had a few boxes of Edisons for me to sort through. After looking at a box the week prior...I think NOLA by Vincent Lopez was the cream of the crop.

So stopping today, I didn't hold out much hope. Although the Edisons looked like they had just come off the record store shelf (with original sleeves) there just wasn't much musically that piqued my interest...until...the last box. About halfway down, there it was. Red & Miff's Stompers on the shiniest Edison in the bunch. (Here is a recent post of a Red & Miff's Stompers on Victor)

Just got home from filling my prescription (hope it helps) and am now posting my lucky find.


Red Nichols t / Miff Mole tb / Jimmy Dorsey cl, as / Alfie Evans as / Arthur Schutt p / Joe Tarto bb / Vic Berton d.

Recorded in New York on October 13, 1926.


  1. Thanks for the really nice posting. Do you know offhand which takes these are, e.g., A, B, or C?