New Orleans Owls / Warner's 7 Aces - Columbia 605 (1925)

The New Orleans Owls collection is now complete. Time to work on a few upgrades.

Benjie White cl, as, dir / Bill Padron c / Lester Smith ts / Mose Farrar p / Rene Gelpi bj, g / Dan LeBlanc bb / Earl Crumb d.

Recorded in New Orleans on September 24, 1925.

Here's Warner's 7 Aces...without Byron Warner. 

Ralph Bennett cl, as, vn, dir / Tom Brannon. J.T. Bourne t / Don McIlvaine tb / C. J. Buckner, Eli Pritchett cl, as, ts, bar / Ed Lally p / Bob Pittman bj / Jim O'Neal bb / M. C. "Shucks" Park d.

Recorded in Atlanta on October 1, 1925.

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