Morrison's Jazz Orchestra - Columbia A2945 (1920)

Recently heard a radio show that mentioned this early black jazz outfit from Denver and their only released side (on the flip side of a Ted Lewis).

They recorded a handful of sides for Columbia but only this one made it to the public. Victor caught wind of the group and brought them in for a tone test but Columbia stepped up and let it be known that they were under exclusive contract. When this happened, George Morrison, supposedly set Victor in the direction of another Denver bandleader, Paul Whiteman.

The main reason I sought this record was because it was the debut of a certain saxophonist. He grew up and worked in a postman...and studied music under Paul Whiteman's father, Wilberforce. He would eventually make his way to Kansas City and the rest, one would say, is history.

Here is twenty two year old Andy Kirk's debut recording.

George Morrison vn, dir / Leo Davis t, as / Ed Caldwell tb / Cuthbert Byrd as / Andy Kirk ts / ? Jimmy Walker p / Lee Morrison bj / Alfonso Garcia sb / Eugene Montgomery d.

Recorded in New York on April 22, 1920.

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