(W.C.) Handy's Orchestra of Memphis - Columbia A2419 (1917)

Have just found out about a documentary in the works about W.C. Handy. Check out the website and film trailer.

It got me to go digging for the only Handy record in my collection...an old, worn Columbia found in Myrtle Beach over 15 years ago.

Please pardon my feeble attempt to get some music out of it...and you'll have to take my word for the sides as the labels are just about illegible.

W.C. Handy t, dir / Sylvester Bevard tb / Wilson Townes, Alex Poole cl, as / Charles Harris, Nelson Kincaid cl, ts / Edward Alexander, William Tyler, Darnell Howard vn / Henry Graves vc / Charles Hillman p / Archie Walls, bb, sb / Jasber Taylor d, x.

Recorded in New York on September 21 & 22, 1917.

Livery Stable Blues

That "Jazz" Dance (That Jazz Dance Everybody Is Crazy 'Bout)

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  1. thanks so much for supporting my film and sharing. I really wanted to reach out to people who know about Handy, and deeply appreciate his contributions. I've found that like-mindedness here. Joanne Fish, Director "MR. HANDY'S BLUES: A Musical Documentary