Johnny Temple With The Harlem Hamfats - Decca 7532 (1938)

Summer has begun and the posting has been sparse. Finally got out of the house yesterday to go record hunting. Not a day of big finds but hit a thrift shop that had this one and a Big Bill on Vocalion. Both were in poor shape but grabbed them nonetheless...couldn't beat the price. (Also got a tip from a record store guy saying that a neighbor of his just inherited a bunch of lps and 78s from an octogenarian that played string bass in a jazz outfit and that he would let me know when/if they would be available to search through.)

Johnny Temple v, g / Herb Morand t / Odell Rand cl / Horace Malcolm p / Joe McCoy g / Charlie McCoy g, md / sb / Frank Flynn d.

Recorded in New York on April 22, 1938.

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