Hawkshaw Hawkins - King 1174 (1953)

Apparently Hank Williams had been late or a no show to his shows so many times, the Ohio audience waiting for him to perform laughed at the emcee's announcement that he had passed away. Only when Hawkshaw Hawkins led the other performers in a tribute rendition of I Saw The Light, did the audience realize that Hank truly was gone.

Just a decade later, Hawkins would pass away in Country music's version of The Day The Music Died when a plane crash would also claim the lives of Cowboy Copas and Patsy Cline.

Hawkshaw Hawkins v / Clause Brown steel g / ? lead g / Sammy Barnhart sb / ? fiddle / ? piano.

Recorded in Cincinnati at King Recording Studios on January 16, 1953. (Just two weeks after the death of Hank Williams)

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