Charlie McCoy With Chatman's Mississippi Hot Footers - Brunswick 7118 (1929)

From Allmusic

A loose confederation of musicians from the hill country of central Mississippi, the Mississippi Hot Footers were essentially the same players who performed as the Mississippi Sheiks. With a floating lineup of (Papa) Charlie McCoy (later with the Harlem Hamfats), Walter Vinson (or Vincson or Vincent, depending on the recording), and brothers Sam and Lonnie Chatmon (Lonnie was also known as Bo Chatmon or Bo Carter, depending on the recording, while the family name was occasionally spelled as Chatman), the Hot Footers/Sheiks were an extremely versatile black string band who appeared on countless recordings under various names and in various configurations in the mid- to late '30s. - By Steve Leggett

Recorded on September 22, 1929 at The Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN.

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